Altair Power Pro RC Truck Review

Let us now review the features that make this 4×4 wheeler such a powerful performer.


If you have a rocky terrain at home, you can navigate it easily with the Altair Power Pro RC Truck. And when you want to try your luck on a sandy beach or a greasy muddy path, this truck will not disappoint either. Believe us when we tell you that the Altair Power Pro Truck is a monster of all terrains.

You ask about driving it on ice? Other than getting drenched, it will skid gracefully on ice, and still perform flawlessly. And don’t worry about it going through a flooded area. Just remove the battery, replace when it dries and your 4×4 monster is good to go.

The rubber wheels are just the right size for any terrain. The fact that they are 4×4 and with independent suspension makes it safe to crawl, spin, or glide on any surface without getting stuck. They also make it perfect for off-road driving with your Altair Power Pro RC Truck.

Battery Life

The battery life of any RC product is a significant consideration to users. You don’t want a product whose battery goes off every few minutes. The Altair Power Pro RC Truck comes with a battery whose charge is extended to give a cool 30 minutes of nonstop fun. This is impressive considering that average RC cars run for 15 minute or so.

If you want to be out for longer, like when you are taking turns to drive the car with your kids or friends, you can even carry an extra battery to extend your driving time.

Moreover, the remote has a 2.4GHz frequency. This will minimize radio obstruction when driving this RC Truck.


The size of this car is impressive. You don’t find many RC cars with 17.9 x 12.6 x 6.6-inch dimensions. We consider this a large vehicle.


 Despite the Altair Power Pro RC Truck being a large car, it only weighs 4lbs, which makes it light enough for anyone to lift and carry around. The shipping weight is 22.9 g.

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