Best Used Drones For Sale (Certified Refurbished)

Refurbished products are more often than not, a way to get good enough products at crazy discounts. The case is not different for refurbished drones for sale. Many people mistakenly associate 'refurbished goods' for 'defective goods' but what they don't understand is that most of the times these products are just as good as new products. 

While there are many drones for sale used, the best ones are the ones sold by the manufacturer and labeled certified refurbished. Certified refurbished products have undergone multiple tests that put them right up there with new products. Same with refurbished drones, they are thoroughly tested, and you'll rarely find any fault in them. While the biggest gain is that used drones are significantly cheaper, some drawbacks exist such as no or limited warranties and an unknown lifespan. 

If you can forego these blips here and there you are surely going to get a deal of your life from the following best used drones for sale:

Altair Refurbished Drones




1080p HD

600 m

20 min


100 m

10 Min


150 m

15 min


100 m

10 min

If you’ve never flown a drone before but are interested in learning how to become a pilot, a refurbished drone is a great way to get a starter drone while saving some money.

Altair Aerial is a brand known for their high-quality and affordable drones. They also offer gently used, refurbished drones for most of the models that they carry. These drones come equipped with cameras as well as many beginner-friendly features like one-touch takeoff and landing.

The battery life of each drone varies between 10 and 20 minutes, but Altair Aerial includes an extra battery with many of the drones that they carry (only one battery with the Outlaw SE). Also, if you’re hoping to fly for longer you can purchase some extra batteries from Altair as well. Since their refurbished drones cost much less than new items, you may have some extra spending money to splurge on accessories like this.

Altair Aerial is a great company to buy a refurbished drone from because they are based out of Lincoln, Nebraska and are known for their outstanding US-based customer service. They are available by phone or email to answer any of your questions so you will feel confident purchasing a used drone from them.

 The quality of their products is superb and are built for stable and durable flights every time. If you’re a beginner pilot looking to gain some drone piloting skills, consider buying a used drone from Altair Aerial at a great discounted price.

Best Used Drones For Sale (Certified Refurbished)

1. Refurbished Phantom 3 Standard Drone (Best Bang for the Buck)

The go-to name when it comes to professional level drones, the DJI brand doesn't disappoint with the DJI Phantom 3. The Phantom 3 bloodline models are offered in 3 versions, Standard, Advanced and Professional. Despite being the least expensive of the three, the standard model packs a bunch of cutting-edge technology. The camera shoots stills in 12 MP while its capable of taking videos of 2.7k resolution. The gimbal provides image stabilization when filming.

When looking for used DJI drones for sale or DJI refurbished drone, you just can't go wrong with the Phantom 3 Standard. This drone is capable of flying for up to 25 minutes on one charge and will return home when running low on battery. What's more, you can preset a path that it will follow while you focus on the taking the best possible shots. The Phantom 3 Standard also comes with a controller that extends the flying distance to one kilometer from the control unit. The Phantom 3 Standard is built for ease of use and also includes some fresh highlights that offer nimble control and extra security. The hover feature and live GPS are some cool additions to this iteration.

2. Parrot Airborne Cargo MiniDrone (Cheap Used Drone For Sale)

The Parrot is little and light – it has a wingspan of around 15cm without the propeller guards and 18cm with the guards with a weight of 54g and 63g separately. It interfaces remotely through Bluetooth to your cell phone or tablet with the FreeFlight 3 application that is accessible on the iOS and Android market.

Parrot's Airborne Cargo Mini Drone is intended for those clients who would prefer not to spend a fortune on a photography drone but instead on an item that gives them the sheer satisfaction in flying it. That item is the Parrot Airborne Cargo drone.

There are other Parrot gadgets in the range including other smaller than standard automatons including, the Hydrofoil Dronen, the Bouncing Race Drone, and the Hopping Night Drone.

3. DJI Refurbished Mavic Pro (Excellent Value)

The most recent model from DJI the Mavic Pro is the most talked about and for good reasons. First, it has a small form factor, and foldable drone unlike many in the market. This makes it very portable as it fits very well in your backpack when going for escapades and you want aerial shots. Like the GoPro, the Mavic folds its quadcopter arms exquisitely and extraordinarily into a miniaturized mold.

Don't be tricked however by its reduced form. The Mavic Pro is laden with first class features like staying airborne for 27 minutes and takes a few minutes from setting up to taking videos. In addition, the Camera mounted on it can take 4K video of up to 30 fps or FHD up to 96 fps. Perhaps the most impressive feat about this drone is its transmission radius of over 4 miles and the fact that it can live stream straight to your social media account or YouTube via the DJI Go application. The Mavic Pro is one of the best drones with camera available today.

The DJI Goggles enable you to see in 1080p resolution and 90-degree field of view. These contribute in offering a more immersive experience when flying the drone.

4. Parrot Bebop Quadcopter Drone

Like many other refurbished drones, the Bebop can be controlled from your Android or iPhone gadgets. Although there is the discretionary Skycontroller that gives you precise controls, expanded range, HDMI output and many other cool additions. The Bebop incorporates a bunch of enhancements over the AR Drone 2.0, but the most exciting one is the video framework. The camera is a14 MP shooter with 180 degrees field of view. In addition to this, the Bebop can take pictures stabilize video and stream live video to your phone due to its quick processing speed. Eventually, you will be recording standard definition to your phone without trying very hard. It's no slouch in quality either because it can still record 1080p videos and store in the 8 GB internal memory available.

The Parrot Bebop is a cool drone, however, there are a couple of issues that I have with it. The first is that the video stream appears to have a ton of slack, making it unusable for truly quick and accurate FPV flying.

Recognized as one of the best used drones for sale the Bebop will be a popular gadget for the Christmas season, however, I can't see it being utilized for proficient video similarly that individuals use the Phantom 2 and Phantom 3. Then again, it's at an entirely decent cost (excluding the SkyController), so it wouldn't make such a terrible gift either.

5. Parrot Minidrone Mambo with Cannon and Grabber Accessories

One of the miniature, inexpensive mini-drones the Parrot Mambo manages to deliver the goods even at this price level. This lightweight and easy drone to travel with, requires no special controller to pilot. The Mambo uses a Bluetooth 4.0 enabled smartphone to control via an app on the Apple and Google store. Although if you want better controls or you are accustomed to a controller, the FlyPad controller that offers a more traditional experience and extends the flying range to 200'. The FlyPad controller has a smartphone clamp that gives you access to telemetry data and drone settings.

The integrated camera enables you to take good quality photos inflight. In addition to the camera, the Mambo quadcopter line includes accessories that will take the fun to the next level. The cannon accessory makes you hone your target skills. The ball launcher mounts on top of the camera and carries a 6-shot magazine with the ability to shoot at every 1.5 seconds. In a straight line, the shooter can go up to 6.5' with no capability of causing injury. The grabber accessory, on the other hand, allows you to pick and move objects weighing up to 0.15 ounces. The clamps opening and closing mechanism can be set with a timer.

The Mambo can work as both a professional drone and a fun robot due to the features it comes with. Either way, you go the Mambo delivers more than what is expected for a 'no-name' model on Amazon.

6. DJI Phantom 3 4K Quadcopter with 3-Axis Gimbal 

Arguably the best drone manufacturer DJI bring forth the Phantom 3 Professional as their latest model in their long line of phantom drones. Of all used camera drones for sale, the Phantom 3 boasts longer lasting battery life, 4K camera footage, and a three-axis gimble.

The Phantom 3 uses a quad-rotor system like most drones in the market. The 4k camera is mounted just below the gimble to prevent the camera from shaking during flight. The GPS technology helps the device stay in place when you need to. Outside, the drone can go 400 feet vertically and 1.2 miles away from the controller. The controller itself is a comprehensive unit meant to steer the drone, start and or stop recording and a mount for smartphone attach.

The camera on the device is a 12.4-megapixel shooter with a 2.8 aperture. It has a 94-degree field of view and encapsulates the technology to eliminate the fish-eye effect. In sum, the Phantom 3 professional is a good way to get aerial photography with nimble controls and comprehensive simulations. The only drawback is that it comes at a hefty price, but it is worth every penny. But with refurbished drones for sale, you always get this 4K monster at an insane bargain.

7. Yuneec Q500 4K Typhoon Quadcopter Drone RTF w/CGO3 Camera

New or refurb the Q500 4K Typhoon shoots in 4K evident from its name just like the Phantom 4 and Typhoon H. Despite its odd shape the Q500 offers some extraordinary features at this price point. For instance, it accompanies two batteries and a hand mount that enables you to take the camera (and gimbal) off the quadcopter to utilize it as a smaller than usual handheld stable camera framework.

At an unquestionably decent cost, you get superior 4K streaming, unlike other mainstream cameras on the Phantom 3 standard and the Solo. Another fascinating element about the Yuneec Q500 4K Typhoon is that it has an android gadget incorporated onto the controller. You won't be compelled to use your phone to control the device. When you are in the market shopping for the Q500 make sure to get the new silver and dark 4K model because the original model did not have a very nice 1080p shooter.

8. Yuneec Typhoon H Pro with Intel RealSense Technology

Contrasted with DJI, Yuneec is a moderately unknown organization, however that hasn't prevented them from contending. The Typhoon H is the fiercest contender to the Phantom 4 we've seen up until now. It's a six-rotor retractable landing gear brute of an automaton, with a 360-degree gimbal. What makes it like the Phantom 4? Well, the two drones get more than 20 minutes of flight time, have snag evasion, not too bad video quality and are in a similar value extend. This is an automaton that has a considerable measure of fascinating highlights and flies to a great degree well. We had the opportunity to utilize it for fourteen days and were truly inspired. By having six rotors, the Typhoon H flies exceptionally smooth, it should remain sailing regardless of the possibility that one engine comes up short, and it handles wind like a fantasy.

It accompanies an across the board Android controller, which implies you needn't bother with a cell phone to utilize it. However, the UI is nowhere as basic as the Phantom 4 or any DJI product besides. That is one of the principle reasons why we favor DJI's drones over what Yuneec offers.

By and large, we think this is a decent gadget to consider on the off chance that you need a tad of everything. It has a few highlights from the Inspire 1, a few highlights from the Phantom 4 and styling that influences it to look more expert than most automatons out there "if that is something you think about."