Traxxas Blast Review

Traxxas Blast

Made by Traxxas, which is a widely known manufacturer of remote controlled cars, Traxxas Blast RC Boat is fun and easy to operate. It boasts of an amazing battery life and a wide array of features bound to give you a great driving experience.

The RC boat can be customized to meet specific preferences. You can add a faster motor or a bigger battery pack for more power. Since more power means more heat, it would be wise to add the water cooling kit too. The outer props can also be changed to allow for more customization.

We had a lot of fun testing out the Traxxas Blast, keep reading to find out more about this great RC boat.

Who is this the Traxxas Blast For?

Traxxas RC Boat Traveling in Water

Offering speed, quality, and fun, this affordable fast-moving boat is ideal for people who like to have fun. It has specs that make it easy to control keeping you in charge of your boat. The transmitter does not have channels and frequencies, which makes it very easy to operate. As such, it is ideal for beginners and experts alike.

What is included in the package?

The package comes with the following items:

Traxxas Blast Remote
  • Traxxas Blast RTR Boat: the boat comes fully assembled with the motor and connectors fixed. It also features waterproof elements.
  • Traxxas TQ 2.4GHz Radio System: It has a comfortable ergonomic design and needs no frequencies or channels to operate. You simply switch on and drive.
  • 6-Cell NiMH Battery: 4 cell batteries can be used for regular driving but for maximum power, you can use up to 6 batteries.
  • 4 AMP Peak Detecting DC Charger: there are two charger options. You can charge using the cigarette lighter in your car or get a standard AC socket adapter.
  • Boat stand: after your rides, you can place the boat here for drying

Traxxas boat comes fully assembled and ready to drive. Everything is installed and all you need to do is install the batteries and stick the die-cut decals and voila! You are ready for the water. It is imperative to note, however, that the package does not come with batteries. You can watch a Traxxas Blast unboxing and review video here:

Traxxas Blast Features

Range - We had it out around 120 feet with no problems. We were not able to find any documentation from the manufacturer on the max range of the boat. We did not push the range in our tests of the Traxxas Blast.

Run Time - 12 minutes

Speed- 20mph

Size - hull Length: 23.75 Inches (603mm), beam: 5.75 Inches (146mm), draft: 3.25 Inches (83mm)

Weight- 28oz (0.793kg)

This high-performance boat has a sleek design that includes a V-shaped 24-inch hull rivalling other electric boats in this category. The hull keeps the boat stable even in rough waters. The boat is made of waterproof electronics that include the receiver box, the high torque servo, and its electronic Nautica speed control. This is great because it protects your boat and adds to its durability.

The Nautica speed control allows for smooth, proportional control that gives accurate dockside maneuvers. The receiver box has wires arranged neatly through the water tight seal. You can easily de-assemble the receiver for service or when installing a new one.

The boat also includes a steerable outdrive, a surface propeller, and a built-in foam floatation for ultimate performance. The steering servo is waterproof, which keeps your boat moving even when the boat gets too wet. It provides the strength required to rotate the propeller with accuracy and speed.

Traxxas has an amazing cooling system that is fed by an intake pipe at the front of the boat. It collects water as the boat moves and forces it into the motor and the hull for about 5 times before it is emptied out through the side of the boat. This cools your boat's motor as it glides through the water to prevent overheating. The system is more efficient when the water is colder.

The boat is powered by a 7.2-volt power battery from Traxxas and is driven by a TQ2.4 GHz transmitter. It also features patented high current connectors from Traxxas. They are designed to manage high voltages and direct the power from the batteries to the electronics within the Blast. The boat is charged using a battery charger, but the main limitation is that it takes a very long time to charge to full.


  • Great performance
  • Quick response time
  • Very affordable
  • Easy for beginners to control
  • Fully assembled right out of the box


  • Does not include a wall charger (does come with car charger)
  • Does not self-right, thus making it easier to get stranded


The boat comes pre-assembled, so you only need to add the batteries and the antenna and you are ready to go. When preparing to go for a run:

  1. Open the hatch to get access to the battery compartment
  2. Install the transmitter batteries. Make sure you use batteries that work in wet conditions. Ensure that the switch is off to prevent injury.
  3. Set up the antennae: you can get details on how to fix it from the manual. Make sure you extend the antennae on the transmitter as well as ensuring that it faces up.
  4. Install the battery pack in the bow at the front of the boat. A foam block is used to secure the pack.
  5. Turn on the controller first, then hit the power switch in the engine compartment.

 You are now ready to go. Control the boat using the steering control on the transmitter. Watch a full blog review with a tutorial on how to use the boat here:

Tips and Tricks

  • Do not allow the boat to come into contact with salty water since this could corrode its parts. Any other contaminated water is also unwise to explore if you want to increase the life of your Blast.
  • The water body you will be running your boat should be 10 inches deep on the minimum and should be clear of any vegetation and moss.
  • The boast should not be used in stormy weather, especially when lightning is present. This can easily damage your Blast. Driving in high winds in rough water will cause your Blast to flip over or get damaged.
  • Water can damage critical parts of the boat, implying that it is essential to know more maintenance procedures to maintain your boat in good condition. Some parts are not water resistant like the transmitter, so you need to keep it away from moisture.
  • Some batteries cannot be used in water, so it is critical to know which ones can be. For instance, most Li-Po batteries cannot be used in wet conditions, implying that your Blast is not compatible with them. This means that most batteries compatible with it can be used in water.
  •  Since the steering is very sensitive, you apply slight pressure to avoid very large speed effects on the boat. Adjusting the steering trim on the controller allows the boat to travel straight in the direction of the wind. Stronger winds, however, require more steering control.


  • Keep the boat clean and devoid of accumulated oil and dirt
  • Ensure you re-oil the bushings on the motor bushings before running the boat. Oils for electric motors like the 3-in-1 oil is recommended.
  • Regularly oil the driveshaft tube and outdrive housing bushing. The oil hole for the shaft is under the sealed receiver.
  • Drain all water out and dry the boat before storage. Remove the hatch cover to allow evaporation of any remaining moisture.
  • Instructions recommend drilling a tiny hole in the front of the boat on top to drain excess water.

  • FAQ

    Q: Does the boat come with a training mode?

    A: No, it does not. The boat is very easy to use. You just need to squeeze the controller's trigger for acceleration and move it right or left to turn. The transmitter does not have any channels or frequencies, which makes it easy to steer.

    Q: Can the boat use regular Li-Po batteries?

    A: No, it cannot. The boat has a 6-cell NiMH battery that uses 4 to 6 AA Batteries

    Q: Where can I use Traxxas Blast?

    A: The Blast boat is commonly used in large swimming pools and even larger water bodies including lakes. However, it is important to remember not to use your boat in salty water since it reduces the boat's life.

    Q: What kind of charger does the boat come with?

    A: The battery comes with a car cigarette lighter charger, but you can choose to have the regular AC socket adapter. You will need to specify the required charger when making your order.

    Q: What is the warranty period for the Blast?

    A: The manufacturer has a 30-day warranty. Replacement parts are easily available, and you can contact the manufacturer for them.


    Traxxas Blast Side View

    I highly recommend this boat for anyone looking to have a great time running a RC boat. It offers excellent speeds and response time, thus making it one of the top boats for beginners on the market. Coupled with its amazing assortment of features, the boat delivers high performance and fun in unlimited doses. The boat has an above average battery life and is easy to control, factors that are critical for a great remote-controlled boat.

    Despite having a very long charging time and not having a brushless motor, this boat gives you real value. What's not to love about this beauty? Get yourself Traxxas Blast today and take your fun to new levels. Also don't forget to add the charger adapter from Amain Hobbies if you want to be able to charge the Traxxas with a wall charger, instead of the included car charger.