Top Drone Companies

We are fast approaching a world dominated by drone-powered industries. These aerial vehicles are being used to solve complex problems and provide everyday entertainment for everyday people. Read along to discover some of the most noteworthy drone companies.

DJI Innovations is an industry leader in consumer, professional, and industrial drones. They are headquartered in Shenzhen, or China's equivalent of Silicone Valley. They produce a diverse collection of drones. The company has swelled in size since its start in 2006, growing from a single small office to a global workforce.

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AeroVironment currently manufactures unmanned aircraft systems and tactical missile systems for soldiers and farmers. They also manufacture commercial information solutions for institutions and businesses that utilize drones. The company consists of a team of scientists, engineers, and innovators who aim to solve modern day problems using sophisticated drones.

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Ambarella is an industry leader in high-definition imaging compression and processing. As such, they have created advanced computer vision features for drones. These include obstacle avoidance, target tracking, and fully autonomous navigation. Additional issues the company has tackled include image stabilization in high winds, energy usage, and streaming delays.

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Lockheed Martin is a leading technology company that is currently developing something called optionally unmanned and manned drones. While the idea behind this technology is rather abstract, it basically suggests that we would be able to manage entire teams of drones. The company refers to their expansive drone theory as "human-machine collaboration." How's that for true Sci-Fi?

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Boeing represents a global phenomenon aerospace engineering. Meanwhile, the company is gearing up to be one of the military's biggest drone manufacturers. Currently, they create a wide range of unmanned system technologies and solutions. They also just announced that they would open a new aerospace and autonomy center in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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Parrot is the developer of a drone-based HDR camera. The flying camera offers a sophisticated system with a foldable form. It is super quiet and weather-resistant. Meanwhile, it offers up to 25 minutes of in-air performance. The company is based out of Paris, France, making it one of the preeminent French drone companies today.

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3D Robotics, or 3DR, is a California-based company that developed Site Scan. This is the number one platform for done data in the fields of construction and engineering. It provides useful tools, such as site scans, app compatibility, and job site management. In fact, it makes things like field surveys seem like a thing of the past.

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Yuneec is consumer drone and aerial camera manufacturer based in Ontario. While they started off as a remote-controlled aircraft manufacturer that catered to hobbyists, they now produce some of the most innovative image-capturing drones on the market. The company is 15 years young.

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Kespry is a manufacturer of automated aerial intelligence platform intended for the aggregate, mining, construction, and insurance fields. They convert data directly from your drone and instantaneously analyze it. As such, they enable autonomous flight plans.

Northrop Grumman Corporation is a security company that specializes in autonomous flight systems, cyber, C4ISR, space, and strike. They are based out of Falls Church, Virginia. In other words, they create technologically rich drone and drone logistic innovations. They are a big company too, employing around 85,00 people in 25 countries.

Autel Robotics is an up and rising drone company that specializes in sophisticated camera systems and aerial imaging solutions. They currently manufacture three different drones, including the EVO, X-STAR PREMIUM, and KESTREL. The products all offer superior image quality and advanced aerodynamics.

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Droneblocks is a free drone app and curriculum resource for teaching a wide range of real-world drone applications. Educators can use it for professional development and teaching ideas. Meanwhile, children can use a drag and drop interface, like Scratch, to control many current DJI drones.

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Pix4D is a professional-grade drone mapping and photogrammetry software company based in Switzerland. They offer real-life solutions to agricultural, real estate, and construction industry issues that can be solved via aerial imaging. As such, the system can be used to perform aerial inspections, build site planning, and digital mapping.

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Pixprocessing is a photogrammetric software company based in Vilnius, Lithuania. They provide flight planning and aerial photography systems that are used in various manufacturer's drones. Their systems can be used to perform tasks such as surveying and mapping, offering precise measurements and clear photographs as quickly as possible.

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1 Martian Way is a company that specializes in robotic and drone-based artificial intelligence. They are based in Mumbai, India, where they are currently working on solutions to autonomous drones. They currently sell four unique software programs that cater to drone racing communities. According to experts at The Next Web, AI plays a pivotal role in the future of drones.

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Skycatch Inc. is a data collection and analytics company based in San Francisco, California. They offer a unique data solution for businesses and institutions that rely on drones. They can generate things like two-dimensional ortho-mosaics, algorithmically modified three-dimensional point clouds, and photorealistic three-dimensional meshes. While those are quite the tongue twisters, they consist of industry-specific data sets that are commonly required.

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Raptor Maps are a software solution for photovoltaic assets within drones. It was developed by a group of MIT engineers and AI experts in Somerville, Massachusetts. It offers data solutions for solar companies by enabling them to significantly increase their power production. By using drones rigged with Raptor Maps, solar companies can reduce their upkeep costs and improve their performance markers.

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SLANTRANGE is an agricultural intelligence company based out of San Diego, California. The company has utilized sensors and analytics systems for use with drones. They have produced advanced agriculturally focused sensors that can be used with a wide range of drones. They also have produced an airborne imaging system that is intended for use by the UAS intelligence system.

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Powervision is an innovative robotics company based out of Beijing, China. They have developed a wide selection of marine and aerial drones for consumer use. Their focus is underwater unmanned aerial vehicles and smart drones. These drones are intended to improve the quality of life of their owners.

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Skydio is a California-based engineering company that has developed a "self-flying camera." Backed by popular YouTube personality, Casey Neistat, it is easy to assume that this camera-based drone is going to be the next big technology in the entertainment industry. The camera syncs to an app and can be launched from your hand. It then follows alongside you, capturing high definition images while effortlessly avoiding obstacles.

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Avision Robotics is a SaaS, or a software licensing and delivery model, solution for startups and enterprises using UAVs for commercial purposes. Their headquarters is in Los Angeles, California. They also offer automated UAV mission planning and other real-time fleet options.

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Maps Made Easy is a cloud-based aerial imaging creation and hosting service. It generates high-definition maps and three-dimensional models from the images captured from drones. The Orthophoto maps are something that can be used as to create a new perspective of a work site or geographical area.

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Saildrone is a water-based drone that can be used to collect imperative ocean data. It provides a solution to attaining live data from hard to access places. The drones are autonomous surface vehicles that resemble miniature sailboats with a technological flair. They collect information that can be used to forecast weather, predict carbon cycling, track fish populations, and project ideas about climate change.

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Astral AR is an Austin, Texas, company that produces drones that can be used in public safety. It is worth noting that a woman who also happens to be a veteran founded the company. The drones offer a powerful solution to violence. They can block bullets and blasts. The company is also super committed to "not being creepy," ensuring that their drones to not provide a means for surveillance.

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Skylark Drones offers intelligent solutions to enterprising issues via drones. They support industries such as agriculture, construction, utilities, and mining. They are based out of Bengaluru, India. They believe that drones offer a unique and useful perspective of the world around us.

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Betterview is a California-based company that uses property data acquired via drone to help enterprises develop insightful solutions. They can use the aerial footage they produce to assess structural damage, mitigate risks, and make better building decisions.

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Gamaya Inc. is a Swiss company that provides aerial mapping solutions for businesses in the agricultural industry. They utilize a wide range of data to generate hyperspectral images that can be used to make intelligent crop planning. This company brings new light to traditional farming challenges and helps capture data that can be used for artificial intelligence.

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Neurala is a Boston-based company that has developed a product called the Neurala Brain. This is used to enable deep learning to create a network software for smart products, including drones. This innovative concept has coined them as one of the biggest companies to watch in the coming years.

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Starship Technologies is the leading manufacturer of an on-demand delivery drone. These unmanned vehicles are the next wave of convenience shopping for everyday consumers. They sync to mobile technology to ensure that they can provide super fast and accurate deliveries of a wide range of goods. The little black and white bots feature adorable little red flags too!

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Esri is an innovative aerial mapping software that creates three-dimensional models and data-rich images for agricultural businesses. The company is located out of California and is pioneering agricultural mapping services. However, they can also go to places no human would want to go, such as deep within New York City's underground subway tunnels.

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DroneBase is a professional drone service that provides aerial images, videos, and data for a wide range of industries. They have tailored services they offer for real estate, construction, insurance, and utility companies. While many companies do not wish to directly invest in their own drone arsenal, DroneBase offers affordable and convenient one-time services.

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Zipline International Inc. is a California-based company that has developed large drones, also known as small robotic airplanes, which can be utilized to save lives. They offer imperative deliveries to areas that are in dire need of emergency medical products. When traditional means of delivery are no longer available, Zipline can still carry goods to a patient in need.

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The Kansas City Drone Photography is one example of a local drone service that caters to a specific geographical area. Their services are of use to many different enterprises, including commercial and residential real estate businesses and those in need of aerial mapping and data. Today, these sorts of companies are popping up in nearly every city in the United States.

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The Verge is a popular source of tech news. They have an expansive network of articles about drones. We rely on The Verge for up-to-date information on the latest drone companies and technologies.

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Drone Aviation Holding Corp. provides aerial and land-based surveillance and communications. They are based out of Jacksonville, Florida, and serve both commercial and governmental clients. Whether it is due to their involvement in homeland security or local law enforcement solutions, Aviation Corp is a company to be aware of in the coming years.

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Sunlight Photonics is a technology company that is focused on creating solar airborne communication systems and services. Their main products are Sunfleets, or clusters of solar UAVs that can fly in formations and communicate payloads. These machines are designed for high altitude and lengthy missions.

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The Dutch Drone Company is responsible for developing innovative unmanned aerial vehicles. These drones can complete complicated industry-specific tasks, such as aerial inspections and geographical mapping. They can be specially designed to provide solutions in the agricultural and entertainment sectors.

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Vires Aeronautics is a company that is dedicated to improving the in-flight performances of aerial vehicles. Like many aerospace engineering companies, they are based out of the San Francisco Bay area of California. Jordan Greene and Zachary Hargreaves founded the company.

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Flyability is one of the best manufacturers of safety drones. These aerial vehicles can travel to otherwise inaccessible places. They also happen to be completely collision-resistant. It is important to note that they are designed to travel deep within the conduits of indoor spaces.

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Game of Drones is an innovative startup that reached out to an excited customer base via Kickstarter. After their funding goal of %50,000 was met, the company began the construction of an indestructible airframe. These are intended for use in the likewise-named Game of Thrones aerial fight club.

Ascending Technologies is a German tech company that is developing data-packed solutions for unmanned aircrafts used for both commercial and research purposes. Nearly a decade into the game, Ascending Technologies has developed flight systems that drastically improve research payloads. They produce products such as a multi copter that can be used to capture high-definition images from the air.

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Aerial MOB is a company that is devoted to creating safety protocols in FPV racing and other flight applications. They also create amazing aerial images and videos that can be used for entertainment and information purposes. In fact, the company has even won an Emmy for their quality work.

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Cape Productions is an online platform that allows users to fly drones from the comfort of their home or office. These drones can be used to capture complex aerial images that can be used for agricultural planning, real estate inspections, and agricultural technologies. What's more, they can provide security and public safety surveillance.

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DronCast is an aerial advertising startup based out of Philly. They suggest that their aerial photography and videography is going to be a game changer in the world of marketing. They use drones to generate banner advertisements overcrowded city streets.

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Teal Drone

Teal Drone is a software company located in Utah. Their focus is on creating advanced technologies that bring about the next generation of aerial flights. They purport that it is their goal to check off every bullet on a metaphorical drone wish list. Teal One is a customizable drone that they are going to be released in 2018.

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Echdyne manufacturers an innovative radar vision technology that is intended for use with drones. In many ways, Echodyne is ushering us into a radical AI era. They can complete complex security checks and safety protocols through this imaging. The FCC already has approved it.

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Aurora Integrated Systems

Aurora Integrated Systems is an innovative India-based manufacturer that is developing pioneering UAS technologies. Their systems incorporate short-range strategic unmanned air vehicles as well as long-range tactical vessels. Their main focuses are on developing advanced navigation systems and inertial technologies.

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Clearpath Robotics

Clearpath is a robotics company based out of Ontario. They have developed unmanned land and water vehicles that can travel where no human could. These autonomous vehicles help solve safety and industry issues. They are extremely resilient to obstacles, rough terrain, and inclement weather.

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Duke Robotics

Duke Robotics provides versatile solutions to military safety issues. It is their goal to ensure all troops return home without issue. Their motto is "no boots on the ground." For them, unmanned aerial vehicles are the clear solution to a climate of violence.

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Firmatek is an inventory management and three-dimensional mapping service for mining, aggregate, and solid waste industries. They've been around for nearly 25 years and are based out of San Antonio, Texas. They provide data analytics and reporting from difficult to access sites. Drones offer an accurate and cost-effective way to achieve their clients' demands.

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Iris Automation

Iris Automation is a software company that is developing flight and data solutions or industrial-grade drones and unmanned systems. They are at the forefront of collision avoidance and detection. They ensure that drones can process information and risks in real-time and make momentary changes in flights. Their product is computer vision, or, in other words, an AI way of a drone seeing what's in front of it.

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Verifly is a drone insurance company based out of Manhattan. It provides consumers with the opportunity to create custom insurance plans for their fleets. All certificates and information are then available through their easy-to-use app.

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Fortem Technologies

Fortem Technologies is a leader in the artificial intelligence AI airspace awareness forefront. They provide real-time obstacle detection and avoidance solutions for a large number of unmanned aerial vehicles. While a bit ironic, it also provides surveillance and security from unauthorized drones that may be flying above your home or business.

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Botlink is a U.S. software developer that links drones to industries in real-time. They were founded in 2015 and are located in the infamous Fargo, North Dakota. They have developed automated drone flight software that can be used to collect proprietary data and produce maps for commercial purposes.

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Identified Technologies

Identified Technologies has developed a software solution for commercial drones. It is their goal to accurately track drone data to improve productivity. They ensure that flights are cost effective and provide dynamic job site visibility and data tracking.

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Arch Aerial

Arch Aerial is a commercial UAS operator and hardware manufacturer that has been preapproved by the FAA. They provide a wide range of services for commercial purposes, including aerial imagery, videos, data, and mapping. Their drones utilize advanced flight technologies that prevent collisions and inadequate results.

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TE Connectivity

TE Connectivity is a manufacturer of sensors and connectors. They are the working pieces in drones that allow them to fly into harsh environments, such as dynamic work sites and inclement weather. These parts make the impossible possible.

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Drone America

Drone America is a U.S.-based UAS technology company that is working on improving flight possibilities for the global drone community. They have developed high-tech equipment that can be used to survey land and work sites, preserve human life, provide imperative safety services, and improve our existence.

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Propeller Aero

Propeller Aero is an online platform that provides work site managers with the opportunity to remotely measure and manage construction via drones. The Australian company has many unique products for sale, including their online data tracker, data checker, and mapmaker. They currently working with construction, aggregate, mining, and waste management businesses.

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Valmie Resources Inc.

Valmie Resources Inc. is a U.S.-based aerial data collection software company. They provide cloud-based solutions for storing and accessing drone data and maps. The company saw an initially sharp uptick in stock investments, they soon saw a rapid decline in public support.

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This dynamic unmanned traffic management system platform connects authorities to their drones. It is one of the best available ways to improve flight safety and data analysis. For example, authorities can use it to prevent UAVs from flying into no-go zones or approve questionable flights on a need-by-need basis. It also helps authorities to systematically acknowledge local and international flight protocols.

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Citadel Defense

Citadel Defense uses drones in a drone-based security system application to detect and stop threats in real-time. The dynamic security system can be used to deploy both autonomous and semi-autonomous vehicles that are programmed to interpret a wide variety of threats. They detect both RC and FPV signal interference and frequency mitigation.

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Infimium Robotics

Infimium Robotics is a manufacturer of unmanned aerial systems designed for commercial use in a wide range of industries. They can complete tasks, such as inventory scanning and data collecting at rapid speeds. They have also produced Infinium WADERS, which can be used to create autonomous UAS formations for indoor and outdoor venues. These can display brand endorsements, light displays, and general illumination.

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Flock Cover

Flow Cover is a "pay-as-you-fly insurance for drone pilots. They offer commercial liability and equipment protection with plenty of customizations. They are based out of London and offer coverage for as little as £4.95 per day.

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Horizon Hobby

Hobbico is a popular consumer brand of RC products. As such, they produce midrange drones that are capable of short-range flights and image capture. Their current focus is on smart products that offer premium intelligence. They also sell replacements parts, such as batteries and propellers.

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Aerial Applications

Aerial Applications provides drone services for a wide range of enterprises. The Philly company uses big data and GIS maps to provide businesses with pivotal information. They can also generate realistic three-dimensional models.

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Airmap is a global airspace management platform that is 100-percent dedicated to improving the quality of drone flights. They improve coordination and smooth out drone operations in a fast-evolving airspace. It is their goal to improve the efficiency of in-flight drones as well as the safety of those beneath them.

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Applaniz is an engineering company that specializes in mobile mapping solutions. Their involvement with drones includes providing consumers with access to dynamic surveys and autonomous navigation systems. They work with drones, UAVs, and UASs.

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DroneLife is a popular source of drone-related news. It includes consumer, commercial, and marketplace data. It is based out of Massachusetts. Consumers can opt to receive email newsletters that bring them up to date with the latest drone news.

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Flyte is a planning service for commercial drones operations. This young company is based out of Northern Ireland. They have developed a user-friendly marketplace for flight operations and drone deployment.

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Optelos is a drone analytics and data company located Texas. They specialize in worksite inspections and management. Their tools provide a convenient and cost-effective solution to age-old industry dilemmas. What's more, they offer clients a user-friendly platform that converts raw data into intelligent business insights.

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Image in Flight

Image in Flight is a commercial drone service that offers a wide range of services. They cater to specific industries, including the construction, media, architectural, advertising, and beauty sectors. They cover Oakland, Sacramento, and San Francisco, California. They are an example of just one of the many micro-local drone companies that are popping up around the country.

Follow Image in Flight: Facebook | Twitter is undoubtedly the most popular source of both professional and consumer-grade drones and parts. They are also in the process of developing their own drone delivery service. Prime Air became available December 6, 2016, in a few select areas. Their crafts are fully autonomous and offer delivery within a mere 13 minutes.

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Drone Log Book is a comprehensive flight logging system created just for drones. Clients can log on to the site or app to access compliance, maintenance, and operation reports. They offer tailored services for specified industry needs, such as GPS tracking, three-dimensional maps, and airspace status updates in real-time.

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NV Drones

NV Drones is a software company based out of Los Angeles. They provide drone management solutions on a wide scale. Clients gain access to a data hub and streamlined workflow records. Their product lineup includes flight log compatibilities and complete DJI flight data worked into easy-to-read attractive digital log books.

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Matternet is an inventory management control system that works closely with Boeing and Mercedes. They have created a rapid-fire solution to real-time delivery requests. Through the use of dynamic drones, the Matternet cloud, and their proprietary station, they are able to link consumers to healthcare, online shopping, and logistics companies. They also have produced the M2 drone, which is designed to operate safely over Swiss cities. As such, they are seen as a leader in the Urban aerospace delivery initiative that surrounds drones.

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The KittyHawk Corp. offers real-time traffic solutions through electronic aerial transportation. If you're still confused, think in terms of drone meets taxis. They have currently produced a personal flying device called the Flyer in addition to a personal aerial taxi service called Cora. They are a super futuristic company to keep an eye out for in the years to come. According to Bloomberg, the future of flying is all about drones.

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Traxxas is an online manufacturer and retailer of radio-controlled devices. The Traxxas Aton offers consumers a sophisticated and easy to maneuver user-controlled system. In fact, you can watch the craft in flight here. The company has been in operation since 1986 and operates out of Texas.

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Walker is a Chinese drone manufacturer that began operation in early 2016. They produce a great line of consumer-grade products. Some of their more interesting products include flight simulators and racing drones. Their products are light, indestructible, and precise. Another interesting product is their hybrid-farming drone, which can be used to solve real agricultural problems and provide real-time data.

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Blue Chip UAS

Blue Chip's Unmanned Systems Technology provides software solutions for fully and semi-autonomous air, land, and water crafts. They are also a source of can't-miss drone news and industry updates. Each year they offer a variety of trade expos that bring together experts and ambassadors for collaboration and learning.

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Measure is a massive drone operator that operates out of the nation's capital. They conduct aerial intelligence scans and help us make intelligent decisions regarding energy, efficiency, and safety. Both government and retail clients can utilize their drone program.

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SparrowHawk Search Systems

SparrowHawk Search Systems are a way to capture and recover rogue UAVs and their payloads. They do this by performing difficult tasks, such as battery replacement, wing repairs, and ammo-replacement. They also offer advanced video relay and remote monitoring options.

SilverHawk Aerial Imaging

SilverHawk Aerial Imaging is a Utah-based drone service provider that is FAA exempt. Their operation consists of licensed pilots, aerial video and imaging captures, three-dimensional map building, and multispectral data collection.

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DroneView Technologies

DroneView Technologies is a U.S. aerial mapping and geospatial service provider. They utilize drones to provide safe, efficient, and cost-effective solutions to industry-specific data requirements. They can also capture images and measurements of work sites and perform aerial inspections.

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Action Drone USA

Action Drone Inc. is a specialty service provider that uses UAS drones to improve industrial performances and workflow. They are also a global manufacturer that creates a wide range of specialty drone products. What's more, they use a global certified pilot network to deploy their fleets.

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Draganfly Innovations

Draganfly Innovations is an industry leader in life-saving drones. In fact, they were the first drone company to actually save a life. They also produced the first four-rotor UAV. They have been in operation for over 20 years, making them a veteran in the field.

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Aptonomy Aerial Security

Aptonomy Aerial Security is an engineering and manufacturing company that is focused on developing leading UAS systems. They are working with artificial intelligence to create commercial security solutions. They were founded in 2014 and have a background that goes back to NASA's Jet Propulsion Labs, Lockheed Martin, and the U.S. military.

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SkySpecs is a software developer that is using drones to combat issues in the wind energy sector. Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, they are putting drones at the base of wind turbines to ensure that real-time inspections and data collections are a thing of the future. They are at the forefront of clean energy and sophisticated drone applications.

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Blade Helis

Blade Helis is a digitally powered drone aviation company based in New York City. It provides a hub for crowdsourced flights. They also sell a wide range of manned and semi-autonomous aerial crafts, such as the INduxtrix FPV and Ozone RTF.

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Dedrone Detections

Dedrone Detections is an airspace security company that is focused on creating a sound airspace for drones. They are able to detect drones and mitigate threats for commercial and governmental clients. The technology consists of a software foundation and RF sensor.

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Tuffwing is a fixed-wing UAV mapping company located in Texas. They offer surveying services to agricultural, mining, aggregate, real estate, and academic institutions. They currently only sell two products. Their UAV Mapper offers an aerial photography solution via drone. Meanwhile, Pix4D turns UAV images into three-dimensional models.

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Flirtey is a next-generation real-time delivery service via drone. Their motto is "anything, anytime." It is their goal is to improve people's lives by working with ambulance services, medical providers, fast food companies, and much more to provide consumers with what they want, when they want it. In fact, they have even manufacture red an automated external defibrillator (AED) drone delivery service.

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Airspace Systems

Airspace Systems is yet another aerial security system designed for industrial applications. Their goal is to protect people and spaces from unauthorized drones. They can track, identify, and remove rogue drones from the sky via sophisticated software.

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SicDrone is a drone flight planning service in the United States. They are based in Boston, Massachusetts. They offer professional performance systems designed for difficult environments. They also offer encrypted radio signals and maximum speed.

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Sky Viper

Sky Viper is an advanced consumer drone that is currently on the market. It boats GPS technology, award-winning flight software, and optional indoor flight options. It is extremely affordable and a good asset for beginners.

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Embention is an autopilot system for unmanned drones and UAVs. It offers unmatched performances for fixed-wing aircrafts, multi rotors, hybrids, and surface vehicles. It can be paired with surveillance, mapping, and photo-capturing devices for collision-free flights and accurate payload returns.

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Intel Drone Technology

Intel Drone Technology takes the best of a tech mainstay sends it airborne. The devices produced by Intel are capable of commercial applications, including worksite inspections, surveys, mapping, and light shows. Their capital portfolio also includes e-volo, the world's first certified drones for manned flights.

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Gryphon Sensors

Gryphon Sensors are some of the most sophisticated sensors for unmanned aircraft systems on the market. They have an endless application availability, including agriculture, energy management, and infrastructure management. They are designed to track and manage aerial traffic and prevent sticky situations from occurring.

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Atlas Dynamics

Atlas Dynamics is a drone-base software developer based in Latvia. They have designed some of the leading aerospace technology for next-gen autonomous aerial vehicles. What's more, they cater to the aggregate, mining, security, and emergency industries by providing them with affordable and reliable solutions to everyday issues.

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BFD Systems

BFD Systems are the engineers and manufacturers of next-gen drones for the entertainment industry. They provide film-quality camera installation and hardware capable of holding heavy payloads. These custom drones provide a number of unique services while making everyday tasks less bothersome.

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Fat Shark

Fat Shark is an innovative manufacturer of FPV headsets, cameras, and accessories for drone racers. The company was founded in 2007. They are dedicated to making user-friendly products for the fast-paced world of drone racing.

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AquaDrone is one of the best producers of waterproof drone equipment. They offer fun, unique products such as fish finders and casters. While some might say they make fishing too easy, there is no doubt that these gadgets are fun to play with and up your angling game.

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Hubsan is a manufacturer of top quality consumer drones. They produce everything from your typical quadcopters to racing vehicles. They also offer wholesale.

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Sky-Futures us a drone-based inspection service that caters to a few specific industries. A key advantage to this service is that it can go where no human can go, such as deep within work sites with potential hazards and safety issues. It is backed by rapid-fire artificial intelligence software.

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Drone Racing League

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Flytrex is an urban drone delivery service based in Tel Aviv. Their latest project includes real-time food delivery in Iceland. They offer users remote access to reports, flight information, and routing options.

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UDIRC Technology manufacturers incredible drones. They produce both a consumer novelty series as well as an FPV series. We love their flashy neon light drones.

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Workswell is the manufacturer of the leading thermal image camera for drones. This compact camera and control unit is mounted directly onto a UAV drone to enhance its thermal-reading capabilities.

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Syma Toys

Syma Toys is a leading manufacturer and retailer of consumer drones. They currently produce the X25 PRO and Z1. These models offer intelligence flight options via remote control. They are a fun option for individuals who are just beginning to dabbling in the world of drones.

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Edall Systems

Edall Systems is a drone mapping service located in India. In many ways, it is seen as an industry leader because of its expansive hold over aerospace design and UAV components. They offer unmanned vehicles, ground vehicles, and aerial vehicles.

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Johnette Technologies

Johnette Technologies is a New Delhi-based drone startup that is attracting investors around the world. They provide drone solutions to everyday industry problems. They also manufacturer a small collection of fixed-wing drones.

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Final Thoughts

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