Striker Spy Drone Review [Glow in the Dark Version]

Is your kid bugging you for a cool Christmas gift? If he or she is, why not make this one the best so far by getting your child a new drone. The glow in the dark Striker Spy Drone is here to melt your child’s heart. This drone works pretty well for both indoor and outdoor flying while enjoying photos, videos, and sounds for distances up to fifty meters.

Oh and don't let the name of the product deceive you, the purpose of this drone is not to spy on your neighbors. Such behavior could get you into some trouble and just gives the hobby a bad name, so please fly responsibly.

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World Tech Toys Striker Spy Drone Overview

Striker Spy Drone

The Striker remote control spy drone is a toy drone that has an inbuilt video and photo camera. As such, it can get your child  aerial photos and videos and store them on a memory card for later viewing. Now don't expect this level of drone video and picture quality for this price, but it is still pretty cool to get some flight footage from up above. This awesome toy drone is ideal to give your kids a great playtime experience. The drone is operated using a remote control or an app.

This drone also features a pretty cool glow in the dark Striker Spy Drone capability that enables you to extend your child’s playtime to dusk and nighttime. Its four LED lights also make it easy to spot in low light. The Striker Spy drone is made by World Tech Toys and has recorded massive sales since its release.

Ideal Users of the Striker Spy Drone

Since the Striker Spy Drone is a toy, it is suitable for children above 14 years of age. The drone is made of plastic, which makes it lightweight and easy to handle, similar to the mini quads. It is only ideal for kids seeking to enjoy short recorded videos, and it cannot be used for photography sessions. However, if you are a drone enthusiast, the fact that it is a toy should not stop you from getting one!

Since the storage space is little and it cannot be used to store large files, the drone captures images and videos for fun that cannot be used for quality broadcasts and views. The Striker Remote Control Spy drone is affordable for everyone. This drone does not require registration by the (Federal Aviation Authority (FAA). As such, you do not need to worry about flying in unauthorized air spaces.


The package contains the Striker Spy drone, a 2.4GHz remote control transmitter, a 2GB memory card, the memory card adapter, a USB charging cable, four spare rotor blades, a striker spy drone manual, and rotor guards.

Since the Striker Spy Drone battery time is not long, it would be nice if it came with extra batteries to ensure longer flight times. Other striker spy drone parts and accessories can be bought from the manufacturer’s website at and other consumer sites like Amazon.

You can check the Striker Spy Drone unboxing YouTube video here:


• Camera for picture and video capture. The resolution of the images is 1280*960 while that of the videos is 640*480 and a mono audio capability at 16 KHz.
• 2.4 GHz transmitter to control the drone from the ground. It has throttle sticks, a speed button, electronic information display, and camera controls.
• 2GB memory card for storage of recorded pictures and videos
• The Striker Spy drone batteries have a voltage of 3.7. It uses a 500mAh Li-Po and four AA batteries for the transmitter.
• It has a glow in the dark design to ensure that your child can play even in the dark. The glow Striker camera features a  resolution at 720*480 for videos and 1280*1024 for photos.
• Multidimensional flight controls: The drone has four channel controls to enable it to move in different directions
• The glow in the dark Striker Spy drone has a 4.5 Channel built gyro for stable and flight
• Lightweight making it easy for indoor use
• Specifications L*W*H; 12*12*2.75


• The drone is too light. As such, it can easily be carried away by the wind hence more suitable for use indoors compared to the outdoors.
• It has a short usage time of four minutes due to the low voltage of the Striker Spy Drone battery
• The drone can get too hot, which causes its motors to burn out
• The camera is low end providing poor quality photos, same problems at the sharper image drone
• It does not have a FPV (First Person View) capability making it susceptible to being lost in the air.


First, place your fully charged drone on a flat surface and switch it on. Put the batteries into your transmitter and wait until the gyro stabilizers initialize.

Next, pair the transmitter to your drone. This is done by pushing the throttle to maximum then back to zero throttle. A beep will confirm that the two gadgets are now paired. Now your drone is ready for takeoff.

It is good to practice in low altitude levels first before taking your drone higher up. As your drone is high up hovering, you need to control the drift of the wind by moving it against the direction of the wind.

The drone should not be used close to buildings and walls to avoid collisions. It should also be flown away from people to prevent injury. More instructions are available in the user manual.
You can check out a YouTube Striker Sky drone tutorial here:

Alternatives to the World Tech Toys Striker Spy Drone Camera Remote Control Quadcopter

The Striker Spy drone review reveals several challenges that its users face. For instance, the drone faces a high risk of being carried off, little flight time due to low battery time, and risk of motor burnout. The constant replacement of parts that are not readily available or have to be shipped after a long time is also a headache for most users. However, there are other drones available on the market.

The SYMA X5C (available at amazon) is an excellent alternative for the Striker Spy drone. It addresses these challenges and comes with additional features to make your child's playtime even longer and more enjoyable. It has a higher rating of 4.5 compared to the Striker spy drone’s 4 on Amazon.

The X5C has a high-degree camera bound to give you better images and videos compared to the Striker Spy drone due to its better resolution. With its 2MP camera and a video resolution of 1280*720, this drone gives Striker Spy Drone a run for its money.

It also has a 6-axis flight control to give your kid a great experience taking photos and videos from different angles compared to the striker spy drones four channel controls that can limit the stunts it can do in the air.

The X5C has a protective plastic circle that prevents the blades from easily wearing off and during collisions. Its battery ensures a flight time of seven minutes with a ninety minute charging time. The drone is also lightweight but slightly heavier than the striker remote control spy drone making it more stable in windy conditions. It is important to note that it can still be carried away by the wind easily.

Check reviews of the SYMA X5C-1 and get the current price below:

User Reviews of the World Tech Striker Spy Drone

The most common complaint regarding the striker drone is its low flight time. Four minutes is a short time compared to a whole day of playtime. Not to worry though. To fix this, you can buy more than one battery to keep changing when the other one goes off. You can also check out some drones with the longest flight times available.

Other complaints include faulty drones being delivered and difficulty in obtaining parts. The manufacturer has a return policy that is available on their website. The product can be returned and quickly replaced with a new one. Parts are also readily available on the same website or consumer sites that sell the product.

Lack of the First Person View capability is easily resolvable. The drone can be controlled by an app. From the app you can be able to view real-time images and videos with your drone in the sky.


The Striker Spy drone despite its weaknesses is a great choice for a toy. It enables your child to explore the skies while making fun memories. The drone is affordable and gives you value for your money with its easy to use controls. With the above Striker Spy Drone Review and an average rating of 4 on Amazon, get this cool gadget and thank me later.

Get flying with this powerful little gadget and make playtime fun for the little ones and the older ones if you like.

Damian - August 19, 2018

Hi, I like to leave a few comments about Striker glow in the dark and Syma X5HW drones that I recently purchased.

However, I do find Syma X5HW flight lift off and steady in the air are the difficult one. As for Striker glow in the dark. I had a little problem maneuver the craft. The set back is: the light winds, it keeps flip the drove over. I really recommends anyone buy Striker glow in the dark.

    Jake Carter - August 19, 2018

    Thanks for stopping by Damian!

    I am sure your comment will help others looking at the Striker Spy Drone. You are correct smaller drones like the Syma X5C-1 are light and can’t take much wind all at all.

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