Snaptain S5C Drone Review | What To Know Before Buying

Other features that are of interest on the Snaptain S5C drone include an altitude hold feature. This allows the drone to hover at a certain altitude. It does so with impressive stability and for great picture and video quality. There is also a feature using one’s phone that allows one to draw a flight path for the drone and it will follow that path exactly. Another feature is called gravity control. This helps with the stability of the drone.

Now it is time to compare the Snaptain S5C drone to the competition. We will discuss the Altair AA108. Per this second Youtube video we see right away that this drone comes right out of the box with propeller guards attached. That is because this drone was specifically made for beginners. It is obvious that the Altair AA108 drone is smaller than its Snaptain counterpart. The battery is larger in proportion to the drone and battery life and range are better than the S5C. With the Altair, range is more like 100 meters and the flight time is better than 8 minutes compared with 7 minutes for the S5C. Unlike the S5C there are no landing rails to attach. There are landing pads to attach to the craft’s landing stubs.

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