Sharper Image DX-4 Drone Review

Lately we have had lots of people asking about the Sharper Image DX-4 drone, so RC Hobby Review decided we would cover this drone to give you an idea if it’s something you should buy and what alternatives are available. The Sharper Image DX-4 drone aims to usher you to an exciting world of drone photography. Through this drone, the manufacturer reveals that they understand your need to satisfy the craving for good aerial images and videos while still on the ground. This is because the DX-4 Drone is here to give you that fantastic experience.

Due to a host of quality issues on the DX-4 that have been reported we recommend you try one of the following alternatives: Hubsan H501s X4 or the MJX Bugs 3, reviewed here.

A Review of the Sharper Image DX-4 Drone

The DX-4 drone is a powerful drone that gives you subpar image quality with a coverage range of up to 450 feet in all directions. It enables you to capture images, shoot videos, and record audio using its in-built 3MP pivoting camera lens.

This product can also stream live videos to your Wi-Fi enabled device transporting you to the skies right from the ground. All the while, the drone will allow you to share your perfect moment with friends.

The drone is made by Sharper Image, a producer of many products, including many drones on the market. This manufacturer is responsible for other drones in the DX series and strives to create better drones through upgrades from previous models.

Who is the DX-4 drone for?
The drone is ideal for children,  and beginners. The drone can be used by children from 12 years and above.

It streams videos to your Smartphone and allows for easy sharing as well. The drone does not need to be FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) registered making the hassle of using this drone more comfortable for you.

The drone is very easy to use since it has an automatic flight assistant that helps by ensuring smooth takeoff and smooth landing. It also features high-tech maneuvering specs that enable it to remain stable and perform stunts mid-air producing videos and pictures. It is also lightweight making it easy to fly, handle, store, and transport to your desired location.

Due to its light weight, it will not handle wind very well, and may be better suited to indoor flight if there is any wind at all.

What's in the DX-4 HD Video Streaming Drone Package

The drone package contains the DX-4 drone parts for assembling, a USB cable, a charger, four replacement blades, removable blade guards, 2.4 GHz remote control, manual, and replacement props. The package comes with an instruction manual to help you set up your drone and fly it with ease. It also comes with the set guidelines and safety procedures to help you prevent accidents and ensure optimum results.

You can watch a DX-4 unboxing video here:

The drone package comes with a few accessories, but to ensure optimum performance, it is wise to add a few more accessories for your drone. Since drones can be fragile, they require drone bags or drone cases that are designed for them to ensure security for your investment.

Extra batteries are also as important since a fully charged battery can last only about 10 minutes. Instead of disrupting the fun, why not have more than one battery to ensure a longer uninterrupted flight for you!

The DX-4 drone can stream directly to your phone, but it requires software to enable it to do that. The package does not come with the software but such an app can be downloaded from several sites. You can connect your drone to your phone through Wi-Fi, but you will also need the sharper image dx-4 drone app to use it.

Sharper Image DX-4 Streaming Drone Overview


• 6 axis gyroscope for a stable flight and flawless picture
• Live video stream through Wi-Fi enabled devices
• Remote control feature to allow wireless control of the drone.
• Four built-in LEDs for stylish design

• Automatic flight assistance for easy automatic take-off and landing. It also has a stabilized hovering and helps to deliver clear video quality and crisp images. It even has an auto-hover capability to help it stay afloat in the air once you have attained your perfect height.

• Easy multidirectional control: The drone can make 360-degree roll stunts to enable you to take images and videos from the best angles you could want making it perfect for those shots you deserve.

• 3-speed control that lets you acquire your desired shots and videos at speeds that best work for you.


• 3 Megapixel camera
• 2.4 GHz transmitter that helps you control your drone once it is in the air. It also has several controls to enable you to move in the right direction and do stunts midair for that perfect shot and video.
• Size dimensions 2.17* 12.75 *12.75
• 3.7V Li=-Po long-lasting rechargeable battery


The Sharper Image DX-4 drone has a short battery time, which makes it unable to capture images and videos for a long time. It runs for only ten minutes before a recharge is required, which can be a be a little frustrating for you. Quality issues seem to be a problem with many, such as charging ports issues, disconnects from the controller and fly aways.

The DX-4 Drone Tutorial

Assembling the drone is the first step. The manual shows the correct way to do this and has a step-by-step guide to help you fix it. The next step is charging the drone. The charging time for the battery is about 120 minutes.

Once the battery is fully charged, light the drone first then the remote transmitter. After that, pair the remote to your drone by pushing the throttle all the way up then down. A light and a beep will help you confirm the connection. This is the time to get the drone app and connect your drone to your phone to stream your videos. This is explained in your manual if you experience difficulty doing it.

Your drone is ready to fly at this point. Use the throttle button to move forward and the controls on the transmitter to move it to the direction you want. The multi-directional controls for stunts are also available on the remote.

Once your drone gets to its desired height, you can release the throttle since the drone will engage its auto-hover function. It is important, however, to practice at lower altitudes before getting the drone high up in the air. As it hovers, it might experience drift due to the wind. Your goal at this time will be to control its drift as you comfortably take your pictures or capture your videos.

For safety purposes and the best results while using your Sharper Image DX-4 drone, it is essential to ensure that you do not use your drone near buildings and walls or near people to avoid damage to your drone and injury to people. It is also important to respect privacy and property rights. Imagine being arrested over such a small gadget or having to pay damages to your neighbors!

Sharper Image DX-4 Drone Alternatives

The DX-4 drone is an ok product for some hobbyists and enthusiasts, but like any product, it has some downsides. Its biggest challenge is the battery. Imagine a fun-filled day reduced to ten minutes of fun due to a short battery life. Apart from the obvious solution of having extra batteries, it is vital for you to know that there are other drone alternatives on the market too.

A great and fun alternative to the DX-4 is the MJX Bugs 3 which we review here.

MJX Bugs 3 Pictured Above

Another awesome (although more expensive) alternative for the DX-4 is the Husban H501Sx4 available at amazon.

The Husban H501Sx4 has a battery time of 20 minutes, which is better than the Sharper Image DX-4 drone. It has a 7.4V 2700mAh Li-Po battery compared to the Sharper’s 3.7V 800mAh Li-Po battery. The drone produces HD 1080p resolution videos making it great for users that are interested in media clarity.

The Husban's transmitter has a 4.3-inch LCD screen that helps you maintain control at a long distance and enables you to view your images and videos. It also has a built-in GPS that allows the drone to return home in case the signal from its remote is lost.

The Husban drone also has some impressive features such as a "Follow Me" ability that enables the drone to follow you from a distance while taking photos and videos of you.

The Husban, however, needs to be registered with the FAA and should not be flown above 400 feet.

The downside of this drone is that it is more expensive than the DX-4 drone.
Hubsan X4 Brushless FPV Quad

Hubsan H501S X4

The DX-4 drone is not our first pick for a drone, but some have had good luck with it as a beginner drone. Keep in mind there are some great alternatives out there. We love the alternatives mentioned above and have had great luck with MJX drones.If you do decide to purchase this drone make sure you stock up on some extra batteries and propellers.

However, most people do not know where to purchase these gadgets or where to get their parts and accessories. The DX-4, its parts, and accessories can be bought easily from the manufacturer’s site and various sites like Amazon. The drone’s application and software is also accessible from the manufacturer website or playstore.

If you do decide to purchase the DX-4 we hope you enjoy high-tech fun and let the sky be your limit with this high-powered, lightweight gadget. We hope that you will be a great pilot (even with your feet firmly on the ground) as you make memories, share them, and have fun with the DX-4 drone.