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Traxxas RC Catamaran

Available remote controlled boat types vary in depth from gas RC boats to nitro to electric RC boats. There are 6 main types of RC boats, which include fun sports boats, high end sports boats, RC sail boats, RC scale boats, tug boats and combat boats. You can also get RC boats for fishing or even one for your pool. For people who like working with their hands, their consideration should be on RC boat kits.

Putting it together takes time after which your boat is ready to go. You should take your time to shop around from different suppliers before buying your first RC boat since they are expensive. However, there are some models of RC boats that start at around $100. Here are some of the best RC boats you can choose from.

Pro Boat Veles Brushless RTR 29” Catamaran

Pro Boat PRB Veles Catamaran Brushless: RTR, 29"

The looks of the Veles 29-inch are just as good as its performance. Although it is like the Blackjack 29, it has some unique characteristics under its sleeves. These include a new hull and a 6-pole 2000 Kv motor that is more efficient and much more powerful. Its motors have the power to drive the boat to 45 mph on 4S LI-PO. It can clock speeds of up to 50 plus miles per hour with 6S power. The propeller of the Veles 29 is stainless steel. It is also anodized and has a propeller strut that is adjustable.

The hull and canopy of this boat are long lasting since they are laid in several layers of fiberglass and then reinforced with tough resin. The stiffness of its hull gives it predictability hence deforms much easily as compared to the heat molded hulls that would fold in the speeds that it can withstand. The reason for constructing fiberglass hulls is to enable the boat to perform just like the real boats that race offshore. It also has a new optimized hull design that features stepped ride pads just like the real 1:1 catamarans.

The steps enable the boat to have smoother rides along the water ultimately providing more preciseness in steering responses. This design combines the best features of various pro boat models such as the Blackjack 29 and the Miss Geico. There are four thumbscrews in its canopy, which secure the hatch in crash instances.

The RC boat has absolutely no need for an inner wood structure thanks to its interior’s composite material that you simply lift if you need to remove it for servicing. Another exciting feature of the Veles 29 is its powerful 2000 Kv 6-pole marine motor. This 36 by 56 mm motor features the same Kv as other 29-inch boats. However, when its uses the new stainless-steel propeller, it gives more speed on less voltage making it possible to attain 6S speeds without 6S power.

Its aluminum propeller strut that is adjustable enables you to tune your boat completely for maximum performance in varying water and wind conditions. Adjustments are more precise since the bottom of the propeller strut is flat therefore acts like a trim tab.

The veles has a break away rudder, which safeguards the rudder and transoms it from floating objects or in case the boat sails on shore. The electronics are cooled by the water inlet even at low speeds hence increasing flow with forward momentum. For precision and the ability to have total control, the veles has the Spektrum DX2E 2.4 radio system and receiver that has DSMR protocol.

You can properly adjust rudder travel with the DX2E. It also includes low battery detection and failsafe in its features. A feature that will give you peace of mind is the High-Torque Waterproof Steering enables your boat to stay on course even in challenging water conditions.

Watch the Veles hit 77 mph in the video below!

The DCB M41 widebody Catamaran

Traxxas DCB M41 Brushless Catamaran Boat with TQi 2.4 GHz Radio and TSM

This boat has been designed by the founder of Dave’s custom boats (DCB). It has a design sculpted with precision and carries a pair of mercury racing 1350 engines. The DCB M41 has a detailed scale replica of versatility, fun and speeds across water at 175mph with incredible looks. When it comes to size, it is the largest model in the DCB M-series.

It has a wide stance that allows for precise handling and easy control when cruising it. Here are some of its features. It has a rigid internal structure with a waterproof receiver box, VXL-6s ESC and a powerful 2056 high-torque steering servo all bolted firmly to the tray. The rigidity of the hull is greatly increased by a motor that is independently attached to a motor mount. You can remove the electronics for maintenance in just a few minutes. Its internal structure has a reinforced transom, which provides a firm mounting surface for its control and drive systems.

For controlling your boat in all water conditions, it has the Traxxas Stability Management Micro Receiver (TSM). If you use it off the line, TSM gives the direction of the boat and makes steering corrections and provides full throttle acceleration without spinouts, fishtailing or loss of control. TSM also comes in handy when cornering by making intuitive corrections to maintain the boats line. For faster exit speeds, you should hammer the throttle earlier.

At a little over forty inches long, it is a work of art and a water roosting speed demon. By just floating on the water, its presence is highly commanding. The fun begins the moment you crack the throttle open. Its size and design will give you the versatility to work perfectly in a vast range of water conditions. Whether you are blasting across waves in a big lake, a smooth pond while testing its 50Mph or just cruising past a shoreline, the M41 is easy to control and it is also very stable.

It also has a detailed cockpit that Traxxas sculpted artfully with fine attention from its gauges to speakers and extends this precision to its steering wheel and seats. The cockpit integrates with the rest of the boat’s bodywork to make a complete work of high performing art. The M41 has a remarkable quick release flex cable. The flex cable in the boat is held tightly by a clamping collet, which centers it precisely with the motor’s output shaft.

This gives it the smoothest operation possible. The common set screws that can strip, easily fall apart from damage. The flex cable has been eliminated in this design. When carrying out maintenance, the collet releases by twisting a wrench that has been included in the body work. After loosening, the prop and flex cable are easily slid out.

The boat has a high performing prop. The surface piercing prop has been fully optimized to have the hull on plane as fast as possible without cavitation. It is made of a tough molded composite construction that does not require balancing or sharpening. The M41 also boasts of high strength aluminum hardware and a flex free transom. Its rudder, drive strut and rudder support are machined from 6000 series aluminum alloy that maximizes its strength.

Polishing of the pieces anodizes it to a vivid blue. A pickup is also incorporated into the rudder for feeding water through its cooling system. Stainless steel Hex hardware is another bold feature of the M41. Nickel plated hardware and stainless steel, which are also corrosion resistant, have been used throughout giving it good looks. These features make it easy for maintenance and gives it lasting performance.

Another feature is the ground-breaking water tight receiver box. Antenna and servo wires are neatly routed in the box through a special water tight seal that is yet to be patented. The receiver box is sealed with specially shaped O-ring seals to protect the receiver. This unique design enables you to remove the receiver for servicing. Aftermarket receivers can also be used and keep the sealing properties of the box.

Watch the DCB M41 hit 50+ miles an hour on the water.

The motley crew FE catamaran

Aquacraft Models Motley Crew Ready-to-Run Radio Controlled Brushless Fast Electric Catamaran

Nicknamed the ‘Rock star of racing boats’ this catamaran encompasses Ron and Scott Romans world champion offshore racer thrilling style going down to the licensed trim scheme. An interference free 2.4GHz radio and a brushless power system are some of the performance perks that you would obviously expect and need that have been featured.

This guarantees that you will have dominance in competitions at the highest levels and is also quite easy for sport modelers to enjoy. The hull of this aggressively styled catamaran is laid up from light but very strong fiberglass. This is the perfect material combination to withstand racing rigors. The hull has a length of 29.75 inches (750 millimeters). The in runner 6-pole, 1800 Kv motor is sure to deliver top performance featuring a machined-aluminum water jacket that controls heat and helps to extend motor life. The overall length of the motor is 2.8 inches. It is perfectly calibrated to run the 6 inches high catamaran.

The trim scheme is fully recognizable as a reproduction of the actual world champion. However, it has been officially licensed. It has ample space in the drop tub beneath its hatch, which allows an efficient layout of the battery packs and the whole power system. Motley crew also comes with a full set of topnotch quality upgrades of GrimRacer.

35" Rc R/c Epoxy catamaran

35" Rc R/c Ep Epoxy Fiberglass Twin Power Catamaran Cat Racing Boat Ship Kit

It is, however, important to note that as much as manufactures would try to convince you that their brand is the perfect RC catamaran, there is really no such thing. It goes without saying that by choosing a RC boat, it comes with its own opportunity costs. There are factors to consider if one is to buy the best RC boat. These factors will most definitely determine how much you enjoy your boat.

The purpose for which you will use your boat should help you decide which type of RC boat you should buy. Toy grade RC boats are perfect both in terms of price and control. This especially if you intend to buy it as a gift to a child or use it in your backyard pool over the weekends. On the other hand, you might want to fly your boat at high speeds over water and in this case, high end sports boats would be what you need. For a ride across the river, RC Sailboat is the one that would work for you. Other features that you should be concerned about include speed, size, motor, hull type, cooling system and the self-righting feature.