RC Boat Tips and Tricks

RC Boat Tips and Tricks

Whether you’re new to RC boats or you’re a seasoned professional who just happens to need some RC boat tips and tricks, this list will help guide you in the right direction. If you are new, check out this page to find yourself the perfect RC boat! Before we begin, here’s a quick explanation as to exactly what an RC boat is and what it can do!

If you are a fan of remote control cars, trucks or planes, you will absolutely love remote control boats! There are plenty of options to choose from, starting at slow and inexpensive and moving up to speedboats for the pros! Look at a bunch of remote control boats online and you will surely find the RC boat that is right for you. RC boats can race through any body of water, from the pool in your backyard to the lake, the river and even the ocean! Remote control boats move quickly with precision turning like a real speedboat. There are also options for slower boats if you want the chance to relax and take it easy.

Let’s take a look at some RC boat tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your remote control boat!

1. Find the Boat That is Right for You!

As the saying goes, “whatever floats your boat!” There is no reason to settle on something you are not fond of because of money, time or any other issue. Find the remote control boat that is right for you and stick with it. If you must save up it will be worth it in the end.

There are several different types of remote control boats available on the market today. First, sort by category. There are RC boats that run on electric battery power. Then there are RC boats that run on gasoline! And there are even boats that have no power source at all, real sailboats that move by the awesome power of the natural wind! They even have self righting RC boats that can help keep your boat right side up.Check out our RC boat buying guides for for a fantastic place to browse through the many remote control boats that are available on the market today! 

2. One Way to Increase the Speed of Your Remote Control Boat

This is one of the best RC boat tips and tricks you can learn if you want to increase the speed of your remote control boat. This tip does not require going out and buying new pieces for your boat or really spending any money at all! It is a simple and easy way to increase the speed of your remote control boat and it can be done by just about anyone who understands the premise of the tip.

Take the boat and flip it upside down. Now use a red scouring pad to shave off the gloss of the last third of the bottom of your remote control boat. Do not scratch the surface of the bottom of the RC boat. Just simply remove the gloss that covers the bottom of the boat. By removing that gloss, you increase the aerodynamics of the boat. This allows your remote control boat to move faster through the water, as there is less resistance holding the RC boat back as it moves.

For more tips and tricks on how to increase the speed of your remote control boat, visit Big Boy Toys & Hobbies and watch the video on the linked page.

3. Build Your Own Remote Control Boat

You can build your own RC boat with simple parts. You can buy these parts from just about any hobby store. The parts you will need depend on the type of boat you want to build. See this web page for the exact parts you would need for each type of boat.

4. Try Something New

If the way you’re controlling your RC boat isn’t quite working for you, try something new. New techniques and a new way of controlling your boat might be the one thing you have been missing! So, try something new and see where it takes you.

If you’re too fast before turns, try slowing down. If you keep crashing into rocks or other obstacles, be sure to remain calm and collected when in control of the boat and keep your speed down. Trying a new approach might go a long way!

5. Learn from Others

RC boats on wake

It’s important to not let ego get in the way of learning. Remaining humble and teachable is what makes the pros who they are professionally. Learn from everyone around you. Take their tips and try them out. You never know what you might learn when you start listening to others who take part in your hobbies. Check out forums and other online resources to talk to people who share your interest in RC boats. And don’t be afraid to ask your competitors questions when racing boats!

6. Give All Your Focus

Racing or driving RC boats is a serious task. Sometimes it takes all the focus you can muster. Being distracted, especially while racing, is a sure way to lose control of your RC boat. Pay close attention to what you are doing and leave the distractions at home or in the car. If your phone rings while you’re about to win the race, there’s a good chance you could end up losing instead. Give all your focus to what you’re doing, and not only will you get better, but you’ll enjoy it that much more as well!

7. Hard Turns

An area where many people struggle with RC boats is hard turns. The best way to combat these turns is to learn how to slow down fast and speed up again. It’s not quite as easy as doing the same thing with a remote control car or truck, but it can certainly be learned over time.

It takes skill, technique and especially lots of practice to get this movement down pat. So, get out there as often as you can and utilize the skills you already must gain this new skill. It can’t be taught through words, only through practice.

8. Wakes

RC Boat on wake

Another tough one for most people is directing an RC boat through wakes. A wake can ruin a boater’s whole technique by throwing the remote control boat off balance and turning it to somewhere the boater wasn’t expecting the boat to go.

The only way to combat this, again, is practice. Using your controller, you can certainly learn how to duck and dive the boat through massive wakes and waves. This way, when you’re racing, and your opponent creates a wake to try to knock you off your game, you can show them that you came prepared to win!