Potensic U36D Drone Review

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Do you want a drone that will help you take your photography and filming to the next level or are you interested in just flying one around your home for fun? Whatever your reasons, investing in a good drone will not only help you save some money but also ensure you enjoy every minute you are outdoors with it.

If you are interested in a drone that is both fun to fly and capable of capturing high-quality photos and videos, you can rely on the Potensic U36D Drone because it is among the top under $200 drones in the market today. Let's see what fun and interesting facts about this drone make it one of the top in its price range.

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Potensic U36D

Drone with Camera, Potensic RC Quadcopter 720P HD Live Video 5.8Ghz FPV 5 Inch Screen Monitor Headless Mode & Altitude Hold Function & Carrying Case & VR Glasses

Potensic U36D is an RC quadcopter that can perform a variety of rotating flights and boasts of a heading hold mode, an altitude hold, and a frequency switching. It can also be used to provide an incredible visual fidelity while capturing perfect HD aerial footage, photos, as well as recording. Potensic U36D is designed and manufactured by Potensic, a company that owns an innovative team of technicians who are highly qualified and committed to making every product development unique. Since its development and production, Potensic U36D Drone has not undergone any significant upgrades or restyling. With its high definition camera, the drone is excellent at capturing excellent videos and photos.

Who is Potensic U36D Drone for?

Potensic U36D Drone is excellent for people who want to enjoy real-time videos and recordings of their environment. It is also fantastic equipment for aerial photographers who wish to capture high-definition videos and photos of a particular location from a higher point of view. Any person 14 years and above is an ideal customer for this drone. It is user-friendly with easy to operate remote control features.

Anyone can use this drone to capture and record photos and video regardless of whether he or she is an expert or a beginner. This is because it makes it easy for users to take pictures and capture videos from any angle. The product also comes with a reasonable price tag that is within reach for most individuals even those operating with a tight budget. By beating this price, you will get something that will take your image and video shooting to a new level.

 Even though Potensic U36D Drone is among the most common drone toys, it is not suitable for young kids to fly around. This is because it comes with delicate features like a high-definition camera among other features that children could destroy easily.

What is in the Box?

Drone with Camera, Potensic RC Quadcopter 720P HD Live Video 5.8Ghz FPV 5 Inch Screen Monitor Headless Mode & Altitude Hold Function & Carrying Case & VR Glasses

Once the product is shipped to your location, it comes with other accessories that make it work even better. Once you unbox your product, you will find a carrying case that allows you to carry the drone and spare parts to wherever your project takes you.

In the carrying case, you will find the drone, VR Glasses, a remote control, three lithium batteries, as well as charging cables. Since this drone is ready for use right from the box, it does not come with assembly tools. Nonetheless, other essential accessories can be bought together with this product to improve the user experience. These accessories include four propellers and blades protection guards, and landing gear.

Overview of Features

Drone with Camera, Potensic RC Quadcopter 720P HD Live Video 5.8Ghz FPV 5 Inch Screen Monitor Headless Mode & Altitude Hold Function & Carrying Case & VR Glasses

Potensic U36D Drone is equipped with an HD camera that features built-in 5.8GHz 720p camera lens to capture pristine HD aerial footage and photos as well as record all your beautiful scenes. Its 2.4GHz wireless monitor screen allows you to enjoy amazing real-time beautiful scenery, as well as live video, feeds all in HD. All these features are ideal for professional videographers who want to capture great aerial videos.

The altitude hold mode enables the drone to fly at a specific altitude and adopts a barometer to deliver this function. While under this mode, you can operate in the default height by just hovering, which provides an easy way of taking images from any angle. This mode is excellent for beginners.

 The drone also comes with VR glasses that have a 5.8GHz transmission, which substantially enhances the definition of the images. The lenses offer a 3D viewing experience that amazingly brings the virtual world into reality. As such, you can enjoy the first-person view of real-time videos directly from the HD camera.

The sharing monitor can be mounted onto the remote control easily and used as a real-time monitor. Moreover, it can be used as a virtual reality helmet with glasses to experience the first-person vision of the scenery being recorded.

The remote control features easy to control levers and dials. It is a four channel 2.4GHz frequency remote that will control your drone even at long range without getting interference from any other similar or stronger frequency remote controls.

This amazing drone also comes with three batteries and two chargers that can recharge batteries fast. With a fully charged battery, you can get 7 to 10 minutes of flight. With three batteries, you can be sure to have more fun because you can fly your drone for long.

 The professional grade carrying case makes it convenient for you to carry this 4.96 pounds drone and all other needed accessories without much hassle. Potensic U36D drone measures 15.9 x 11.6 x 6.3 inches and can be packed well into the case with other accessories.

How to Use the Potensic U36D Drone

Using the Potensic U36D drone is easy when you follow the steps below:

•    Ensure you read the manual instructions first and don't take them lightly

•    Make sure the quadcopter's batteries are fully charged

•    Position your quadcopter away from any danger according to the manual and stand behind it

•    Push the throttle command stick down before you turn on the transmitter

•    Start by taking off and landing on the same spot while trying to keep the drone steady

•    You can advance to other techniques like rotating commands to master how to maneuver adequately

 •    Get to know all the controls well to enjoy a smooth piloting experience

Tips and Tricks for using the Potensic U36D Drone

Piloting this quadcopter can be harder than it seems or easy if you know what to do. While experienced people with excellent flying skills will find it easy to pilot this drone, beginners are likely to crash it a few times before mastering the art of piloting it. Here are a few tips and tricks of flying Potensic U36D drone.

•    Start by flying at low altitudes without engaging manual modes before moving to higher elevations.

•    Be watchful of the windy conditions as you fly because the wind will affect your flight stability.

•    Restrict yourself to simple controls until you have practiced enough to handle advanced controls with confidence

•    Learn how to hover well before moving to higher altitudes and stronger winds. For more true mastery, start flying at about 5 feet in the air while maintaining a good throttle and pitch to stay at the same spot.

 •    Know how to turn off the throttle easily because it will help you when you crash. If you realize a crash is imminent, turn off the throttle quickly to shut down the propellers and to minimize the damages.


Drones and quadcopters have become more accessible nowadays and can be utilized in different ways. For instance, professional filmmakers and photographers are making use of these devices as a standard tool. With Christmas right around the corner the Potensic drone would make a great christmas gift.

 On the other hand, a good number of people also own quadcopters for recreational purpose. Regardless of what you want to do with your drone, you still need to invest in the lower priced, yet full featured drone like the Potensic U36D. The Potensic will allow you to enjoy an amazing experience when flying it for fun or when undertaking professional projects.