An Overview of the DJI Phantom 4 Battery

A powerful battery is an essential accessory for any drone hobbyist who is looking to enjoy a long flight time. However, finding one that can charge quickly, as well as retain its power for a decent period is a usual problem for most hobbyists.

If you own any of the Phantom 4 drones and you have been looking for an excellent spare battery to run your drone, then we have reviewed Phantom 4 battery to help you gauge if it is worth purchasing. We will also cover a third-party alternative.

Phantom 4 Battery Review

DJI Phantom 4 Battery

As suggested by its name, this intelligent battery is exclusively designed for hobbyists who own DJI phantom 4 series, one of the most popular drones sold in the market. As marketed, DJI Phantom 4 battery has an excellent output, and it can run your drone for an average of 30 minutes on a single charge.

However, you should note that the flight time could reduce when flying in the sports mode or any other hardcore flying.

This battery is an upgrade of the Phantom 3, an intelligent lithium polymer battery that could deliver an average flight time of twenty-three minutes. Besides the reduced flight time, phantom 3 battery also delivered 4480mAh versus 5870mAh of its upgraded sibling.

As noted above, the battery is intended for those who own the DJI's Phantom 4 drone series. Both beginners and professional devotees can use this battery as a backup for their drone since its use is not complicated.

Is the battery expensive? Ideally, DJI Phantom 4’s battery is pricier than most of its competitors. Even so, this battery comes with a plethora of innovative features that you can hardly find in other batteries of its class. On that account, we would say that this drone battery has a reasonable price – quality balance.

What is included in the box?

The package contains one piece of the Phantom 4 series intelligent flight battery and a user manual that lets you use and maintain the drone battery as intended.


Other essential accessories that you can consider purchase alongside your phantom 4 series battery include:

• Phantom 4 intelligent battery charging hub
The Phantom 4 battery-charging hub is designed to help you charge up to three drone batteries at a time. The hub can charge the three batteries within 3.5 hours, and its storage mode can keep the intelligent batteries at a 50% charge.

• Phantom 4 Series Car Charger
The Phantom 4 car charger is another critical accessory that you would consider buying alongside the phantom 4 intelligent battery. This car charger lets you charge your drone’s battery and transmitter. The car charger protects your drone’s battery against overheating and low voltage.

• DJI USB charger
You can also purchase DJI USB charger to help you recharge your phone or tablet using the intelligent battery. However, you would want to buy a 10 PIN- A or a 2 PIN DC cable that lets you use your battery as the power supply.

Even so, the accessories above are sold separately, and you can purchase them from DJI or your favorite store.

Overview of DJI Phantom 4 Battery features

Some of the notable elements that make up this battery include:

• 30- minute flight time
The Phantom 4 intelligent battery can deliver up to 30 minutes flight time on a full charge. This feature makes the drone battery a fantastic deal for hobbyists who are looking for a battery that can give them more time on air.

• DJI GO 4 app
Using the DJI GO 4 app downloaded into your smartphone, you can track your battery’s lifetime and remaining flight time. Furthermore, the mobile app alerts you when your battery runs low, and you are required to land your drone. This intelligent feature eliminates the guesswork that could increase the risk of crashing your valued investment.

• Battery management system
In addition to the app, this battery also features a battery management system that shields it from the damage that could result from overcharging or over drainage. The system discharges your batteries automatically when you do not use them for a long time. This amazing system extends your battery’s lifespan.

• Quick recharge time
Unlike some batteries that take a long time to recharge, the Phantom 4 intelligent battery charges within 30 to 45 minutes to let you resume with your hobby within the shortest time. This would be a useful feature for those who lack spare batteries.

• 462g weight
DJI Phantom 4’s battery has an approximate weight of 462 grams, a standard weight that can be accommodated with any DJI Phantom 4 drone. As such, using this battery cannot reduce your drone’s performance.

Other notable specs that make up this drone include:
• Capacity: 5870mAh
• Voltage: 15.2V
• Battery type: Lithium polymer 4S
• Weight: 462 grams
• Maximum charging power: 100 W

How to use the Phantom battery

• Turning on/off the battery
To activate your battery, press the battery’s power button for two seconds to power it on. The LEDs on the intelligent battery will turn red and then green. Afterwards, the battery level indicators on the battery will display the battery’s current level. To turn off the battery, press the power button till the battery's LEDs blink.

• Charging the battery
To recharge your battery, connect its charger or charging hub to your mains. Then, connect the intelligent battery's make to its charger or charging hub to recharge. The battery level indicators will turn on to show that the battery is charging, and they will turn off when the battery has charged fully.

• Battery use
Always recharge your battery fully before each flight to get the 30-minute flight. For safety purposes, we suggest that you land your drone immediately when the DJI GO app sounds the battery low warning.

• Battery storage
Proper storage is an essential maintenance practice if you do not intend to use your battery for ten or more days. In this event, we suggest that you remove the battery from the quadcopter and discharge it to between 40 and 60 percent to prevent it from swelling. Your battery can discharge itself to the required level if it lies unused for more than ten days. Always store the battery in a ventilated place.

• Battery maintenance
If you want the drone battery to live up to its lifespan, we advise that you store the batteries away from extreme temperatures and moisture. Moreover, you should use a DJI approved charger to recharge the battery.

This YouTube tutorial might help you maintain the battery as recommended

Phantom 4 Battery Alternatives

Powerextra Phantom 4 series LiPo intelligent flight battery

If your budget cannot allow you to purchase the Phantom 4 intelligent battery, then you can invest in the Powerextra’s phantom 4 series flight battery, which is more affordable, yet powerful.

Despite its economical price, this battery delivers a decent flight time of 28 minutes, and it has a fail-safe circuitry system that shields the battery against the damage that could result from short-circuiting, overcharging, and over-discharging.

Other notable features on this battery include:
• 15.2 voltage
• 5350mAh
• LED indicators to show battery level
• 81.32 Wh
• A bonus storage case
• It is compatible with all DJI phantom 4 series
• Has a 12-month warranty

Powerextra Phantom 4 Series (15.2V 5350 mAh) LiPo Intelligent Flight...
Product Name
Powerextra Phantom 4 Series (15.2V 5350 mAh) LiPo Intelligent Flight...
Battery Type
Flight Time
18-28 Minutes
Prime Benefits
More Information
Powerextra Phantom 4 Series (15.2V 5350 mAh) LiPo Intelligent Flight...
Product Name
Powerextra Phantom 4 Series (15.2V 5350 mAh) LiPo Intelligent Flight...
Battery Type
Flight Time
18-28 Minutes
Prime Benefits
More Information

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From our review above, we would confess that phantom 4 intelligent battery is an excellent option for anybody who is looking to extend his/ her drone's flight time using a spare drone battery.

Some the reasons why you would want to buy this battery include the 30-minute flight time, quick charging time, and the DJI GO app that lets you monitor battery usage on your smartphone or tablet. The battery's other great features include the battery management system that protects your battery against the damage that could result from overcharging or over drainage.

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