MJX X400 Drone Review

The MJX X400 is an easy to use miniature drone designed for novice hobbyists. Besides its ease of use, the mini-drone also comes with multiple features that give you the exposure you need to fly bigger recreational drones with advanced features. 

​As we have stated before we love the MJX line of drones and feel they offer a great bang for the buck. There is a lot of cheap junk down in the lower end drone categories but not from MJX. MJX provides a quality product at an affordable price.

If you are eyeing this drone, then our MJX X400 drone review is for you. We have reviewed the drone’s features, its benefits, and downsides to help you determine if it suits your needs.

Lets first take a look at the MJX X400 in action below:

In case your in hurry... Yes we recommend this drone. If you can get this drone for under $75 dollars you are getting a good deal!

DBPower MJX X400W FPV Drone specifications

• Remote distance: 100 meters
• Weight: 112 grams
• Maximum flight time: 9 minutes
• Camera: 720P WiFi camera
• Compatible with: IOS and Apple phones
• Measurements: 30cm long, 30 cm wide, and stands 7.5 cm tall
• Charging time: 120 minutes

DBPower MJX X400 Drone features

MJX X400


The white colored MJX X400W drone is constructed from ABS, a robust and rigid thermoplastic material that can survive even after several crashes. Besides its durability, the ABS material also makes the drone light enough to carry wherever you are going.

However, the lightweight may not favor you if you intend to fly your drone in settings with strong winds. In fact, you can only fly this miniature drone in an environment whose wind speed does not exceed 8 kilometers per hour.

On that account, we suggest that you consider flying the mini-drone indoors during the windy days. You should also refrain from operating this drone on a rainy day since it is not waterproof.


MJX X400W drone comes equipped with sturdy prop guards to safeguard you propellers from damage when landing or when it hits a solid object. The drone has two LEDs for nighttime vision.

In addition to the propeller guards and the bright LEDs, MJX X400W also comes equipped with landing gears that protect your drone’s camera and other vulnerable parts from the landing impact.


DBPower MJX X400W FPV drone features a 720P Wi-Fi camera that lets you record footages or capture photos. The camera supports the FPV function to allow you stream live footages on your smart mobile phone while flying the little drone as well as share them with your friends on social media.

As an alternative, you can save the captured videos or photos on your mobile device.

Unique from most beginner drones, you can upgrade the MJX X 400 drone to a VR drone with a 3D headset that provides an immersive flight experience. Nonetheless, you will have to purchase the 3D headsets separately since it is not included in the drone’s standard package.

If you are a photography expert, MJX’s camera might not be an ideal option since its Wi-Fi camera is less powerful, and it lacks a gimbal stabilization system for appropriate camera positioning.

Remote controller

MJX 400 drone is operated through its black colored 2.4 GHz transmitter that controls the drone at a distance of 100 meters. Like any other drone transmitter, MJX transmitter has several keys used to command your drone.

The essential keys on this transmitter include the left throttle stick that flies your drone upwards or downwards and the right stick that flies the drone forward, backward, leftward, or rightward.

Other essential keys are the four trim keys. Two trim keys are located adjacent to the left stick, and the other two are located adjacent to the right stick. As their name suggests, the keys help you to fine-tune your drone’s flight. 

Flight Experience

As we noted in the introduction, MJX X400 is an easy to fly drone meant for amateurs who have no or little experience in operating drones.

Before your first time flight, we recommend that you assemble the drone, charge its battery, power on the drone, and pair it up with its transmitter. You can refer to the user manual to ascertain that you do not miss out crucial steps.

Since you lack the experience of flying drones in demanding weather, we recommend that you consider flying it indoors to minimize the risk of losing your valued investment just in case you lose control. However, if your indoor is cluttered you can fly it in an open field where you can track it easily.

While you are at your convenient take-off location, place the drone on a flat surface and push up the controller’s stick upwards until your drone takes off. After taking off successfully, you can try to hover it, fly it forward/backward, or even flip it.

As a beginner, you may want to take advantage of the headless mode function that lets you fly the drone in any direction regardless of the nose's orientation and the two-speed mode that lets you choose a speed that favors your skill. These beginner-friendly features minimize crashes, and they give you the ample time you need to develop your drone flying skills.

If you want to land, push down the throttle stick slowly until the drone gets onto the ground. As an alternative, you can use the one key return control to land the drone automatically.

Like most drones, DBPower MJX X400W FPV drone utilizes the 6- axis gyro, a flight system that lets you make sharp turns or hover stably when you want to capture some great photos to keep as memories.

On a fully charged battery, MJX X400 can run for eight to nine minutes. However, you should note that the flight time could reduce significantly if you fly the drone on the night mode or when using the FPV function.

You can watch this YouTube video as a guideline to walk you through your first time flight:


MJX X400 drone comes in a box containing one transmitter used to operate your drone, charging cable for charging the drone, a lithium polymer battery that keeps the drone powered during a flight, and four propeller blades to replace those that wear out.

Furthermore, the drone comes with an English user manual that guides you through the assembly process as well as helping you operate the drone as required. The package lack’s the transmitter’s batteries.

What do users say?

With over 1200 customer reviews on Amazon for the DBPower MJX X400 FPV and a 4 star rating, you can't go wrong on purchasing this drone. The one negative we have seen is some users have had trouble pairing their controller to the drone.

Final thoughts

From our MJX X400 drone review above, we can attest that the drone is an ideal option for amateurs who are looking to develop the experience required in flying drones with advanced features, such as hexacopter drones. Some of the beginner-friendly features that make up this drone include the straightforward assembly, the stable flight system, and the reasonable flight time. However, you might face a challenge in pairing up your phone with the drone's WiFi camera.