MJX Bugs 3 H Drone Review

MJX Bugs 3H

The product is a MJX Bugs 3 H Drone. This drone is a quadcopter-style drone with four propellers powered by a remote control. The drone can fly in any direction and can be powered much faster than many introductory drones. It has many capabilities beyond the obvious use as a toy that flies using either an external remote or both a remote and a smartphone.

The MJX has many possible uses. Regardless, it is mostly intended for use as a racing drone. The field of drone racing has emerged in recent years for both recreational and professional purposes. Some drone racers are even featured on national television.

They have sponsorships and make hundreds of thousands of dollars each year racing drones. A considerable amount of effort goes into designing one of these drones. They have aerodynamic contours and specific remote-control features that allow them to go as fast as possible and withstand turbulence and wind from other racers. These drones are designed to compete in races and to win them.

In addition to simply flying fast, the MJX Bugs 3H can take pictures and perform acrobatic maneuvers. When attached with a camera, the drone racer can get a better idea of the environment the drone is in. First-person view may be imperative to successful flying.

Those acrobatic maneuvers are critical in a racing setting. They may help a drone climb in front of or around one of its competitors. Outside of the racing setting, the drone can help with a number of different tasks.

Its ability to take pictures can aid in professions such as surveying, but a true professional drone is recommended. Its strong motors can even help carry materials for activities such as fishing. These materials help place it in a higher tier than most beginner drones.

The MJX Bugs 3 H Drone was released in 2018 and is still being sold in numerous stores and online. It is one of the latest in a long line of MJX drones. MJX was one of the first companies to mass-produce drones beginning in the early 2010s.

Here is a video demonstrating some of the features of the Bugs H in action.

Check out the specs of the MJX Bugs H below.

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Who is the for MJX Bugs 3H for?

Goolsky MJX Bugs 3H 2.4G 6-Axis Gyro Brushless Motor 4in1 8A ESC RC Drone Quadcopter

Many drones are an interchangeable toy. They are often crashed at the beginner level and then replaced. However, they can be serious investments at most income levels.

Therefore, anybody interested in buying a drone needs to make sure that they are purchasing a drone that will fit them. The MJX Bugs 3 H Drone is a drone that appeals to a wide variety of individuals. It is produced by a company that has manufactured remote controlled toys for over the past three decades and for millions of children and adults.

However, this drone will be much better for some individuals than for others. This product is for an individual who has some sort of experience flying a drone. The MJX Bugs 3 H should not be the first drone that they have tried to pilot.

Individual who purchase this drone should be looking for a machine that flies and accomplished tasks. It is either one or two levels above a beginner drone. The drone is a racing drone as well. It can be used for both recreational and even professional racing. The drone's range and close handling mean that it can take corners and cross obstacles with ease.

Its long battery life and replaceable extra battery mean that it can last at full speed throughout long courses. Replacing batteries also allows for an individual to practice for a long period of time. Potential drone racers can buy several replacement batteries and practice their racing for hours at a time. Without those replacement batteries, waiting 180 minutes for the battery to fully recharge may be a hassle.

This drone is for people who take drone racing seriously. Any drone can be flown fast and may win the occasional race. This drone will win much more than that. However, it would not be perfect for the highest echelons of drone racing.

An individual will most likely not appear on a television show about drone racing simply by flying this drone. The top speed of this drone is less than half of the top speed of drones on television shows. Also, individuals who compete in drone racing leagues use drones specifically provided by those leagues. While it is not the nicest possible drone, the MJX Bugs 3 H will help potential racers become adept at the skills they will need at the highest levels of racing.

There are many different groups that this drone is not for. It is not an introductory model available for beginners. This drone begins at a relatively high price point. Many children will not be able to afford this drone easily.

Introductory drones are often much cheaper and easier to fly. This drone's flying and maneuvers require a certain ability to fly a drone. Individuals who can barely fly a drone will not be able to make sharp turns or 3D rolls.

At the kinds of speeds that this drone flies at, there is a chance that a beginner would be more likely to crash this drone and lose their investment. Another individual this drone would not be suited for is a person who wants to travel extensively with their drone. This drone is not a small version and is relatively delicate.

It may not be rugged enough to last in poorly insulated cargo holds. This drone also comes in a simple box without extra protections. Individuals who want to take their drones many places may want to invest in smaller, sturdier drones and drones that come with specialty carrying cases.

This drone would also not be ideal for professional photographers and videographers. Its utility as a racing drone means that it is particularly built to go fast and take corners. Drones that are built to take pictures and videos on a professional level often emphasize altitude hold and stabilization. They are built to take pictures at the highest quality possible and to be as slow and steady as possible.

They need their drone to hold both altitude and position. This drone does have the ability to take pictures and video. However, it is not the best drone at the price point for that purpose. This is one reason why it does not always come with a camera.

What’s included?

Goolsky MJX Bugs 3H 2.4G 6-Axis Gyro RC Drone Quadcopter with FPV MJX C5000 5G Wifi Transmission 720P Camera

The central part of this package is the drone itself. This drone must be assembled and the tools required for assembly are included. There is a screwdriver set, screws, and a wrench included.

Accessories include a battery, USB plug and balance charger, a sticker, and a user manual. The 7.4V 1800mAh Li-po battery and the transmitter are included in order to use the drone. This battery can be recharged with the cables included in the drone. AA batteries required to run the transmitter are not included.

In addition, there are replacement parts meant to help make small repairs in the case of an accident. This kit includes two spare propellers, four protective propeller guards, and replacement landing gear. These materials can be easily purchased if more replacements are needed.

These drones come with a camera mount. Some packages where this drone is sold come with a camera. For the versions that do come with a camera, types include 4k and regular quality. There are recommended cameras that work well with this drone.

Bugs 3 H Specs and features

MJX Bugs 3H features


The range of this drone is 200-300 meters. 200-300 meters is more than enough for the clear majority of short-distance drone races and practice tracks. This drone's transmitter can pick up from that distance through numerous objects. A drone will fall out of the sky in many instances if an individual sends it beyond its intended range.

Flight Time 

This drone can fly for up to 17 minutes. The time is well within the charge times for most drones. Flying time with breaks can be enhanced by buying extra batteries. It takes three hours to charge up a single battery for this drone.

Video Quality 

The video quality can be up to 4k. 4k videos are the most advanced videos available. Stabilizers on the drone mount help the drone take accurate videos that do not shake. These videos can be taken up to the length of the battery life of the drone.

Photo Quality

Photos range from the most basic two-megapixel photos available for drone cameras today to professional quality. These pictures depend on the external camera that an individual may buy for their drone. Stabilization means that the pictures will be legible and of basic quality if not the highest quality possible for a professional.


The drone is a medium-sized drone. Its size means that it will not fit in a backpack but can travel in a modest-sized carrying case for a flight. The wheelbase measures 310 millimeters and the propellers stand 187 millimeters apart from each other. This drone's total dimensions are 440 by 440 by 145 millimeters.


The MJX Bugs 3 H drone weighs less than many other drones of its size. This weight is due to its usage as a racing drone. The drone weighs 490 grams on its own.

Cameras can add about 100 grams to the overall weight. For travel purposes, extra propellers and the remote can add a few hundred more grams. The entire box itself weighs 3.2 pounds or 1429 grams.

Other features

Numerous abilities unique to this drone pertain to its potential as a racing drone. The drone can turn 360 degrees and fly in four directions. It can flip 360 degrees and fly to the sides.

LED lights help users guide the drone at night. The drone is powered by a 1806 1800KV brushless motor. Brushless motors are stronger and more lightweight than a motor with brushes. They help provide the power and torque needed for the Bugs 3 H to start as fast as possible and maneuver through obstacles. Racing drones need a considerable amount of power from brushless motors to remain at top speeds and be able to still turn and conduct maneuvers.

There is a setting where the drone can hold its altitude for as long as necessary. This altitude hold is one of the more impressive aspects of the drone. It is a new setting that can be activated with the push of a button. The hold can then be deactivated and the drone can be piloted as before.

This drone also comes equipped with a 3D roll setting that allows it to flip in mid-air. 3D roll can be helpful in a racing setting. In some drone races, all of the drones involved race alongside each other.

Only a few inches separate drones when they are running neck-and-neck in a race. Acrobatic maneuvers can give the skilled drone racer the edge that he or she needs to achieve victory. In order to help this process, the drone has a 6 Axis gyro which provides stabilization for flips and turns.

MJXs Bugs 3H model is guided by a remote control working at 2.4GHz Mode 2 with four channels. These channels help improve the flight experience and communication between the remote control and the drone. The top speed of the drone is 36 kilometers per hour.

Running the drone at top speed is not possible while the altitude hold setting is on. The drone must be tilted and allowed to move in different altitudes. Such changes are necessary in a chaotic racing setting.

The drone is lacking an included camera. This omission is problematic because it means that all cameras used will have to be an extra addition and come from a third party. Not being bundled with a camera immediately increases the price point of this drone for people who want to use it to take pictures or video.

There are also some racing capabilities that are diminished by not having an attached camera. Drone racing at the highest level flies in first-person mode using a camera and a headset attached to a smartphone. This flying is more difficult to do with racing drones that are not equipped with a camera.

The drone also lacks extra layers of protection around its parts. Its propellers are only protected by the most basic propeller guards. The motors themselves are exposed. This design prevents the drone from being as well-protected as it possibly could be.

In most instances, the sleek frame and exposed parts would survive crashes and falls. However, in a racing setting drones are flying at high speeds and sometimes at high elevations. As a result, this drone would be more susceptible to catastrophic damage.

Finally, this drone lacks a GPS capability or a "return to home" feature. These features have become standard on a number of different drones in recent years. The GPS allows individuals to figure out where their drone is on a map and where they are in relation to it.

A "return to home" button makes long flights much easier. An individual simply presses a button and the drone comes right back to them. It can be helpful when one is using a drone to survey a piece of land or take pictures over a long stretch. Not having this button makes such flights more difficult and take more time.

How to Use This Drone

Check out this video below to get the most out of your new drone.

Bugs 3 H Vs. Bugs 3 Pro Vs. Bugs 3

             Bugs 3 H                                     Bugs 3 Pro                                          MJX Bugs 3

bugs 3 pro front
Bugs 3 Front

There are numerous Bugs models offered by MJX. The numbers do not necessarily indicate how recently the drone has been produced. The Bugs 3 drone is the standard Bugs 3 model offered by MJX. It is in the same range of quality as the Bugs 3H and has a comparable level of run time.

The 3H has more of an ability to perform the acrobatic maneuvers necessary for racing. A standard 3 model would be more suited for simple movements in a yard or over a house. It may be helpful for commercial uses where only basic tracking shots are possible.

This lesser capability is reflected in the lower price point of the model. The Bugs 3 should still not be considered a beginner model, however. It is an expensive product that is targeted towards people who know how to fly a drone.

The Pro is the highest quality Bugs 3 model available. It is a large drone with a considerable battery life and a wide range. The parts on the 3Pro are sturdier and larger than those on the other Bugs 3 models.

This drone would be most effective as a photo or video drone. It could be used in a professional setting. This drone would be better for videographers and photographers along with surveyors and land developers. However, its price point would most likely put it outside of the reasonable reach for many casual drone racing fans.

Tips and Tricks and FAQ

The best way to begin using this drone is to become adept at flying and handling it. This Bugs 3h model is one of the most advanced on the market in terms of flight and handling. There are many different techniques that an individual can use in order to fly faster and handle better.

How do I use this drone to race?

The best way to use this drone to race is to begin by practicing. Individuals who buy this drone should set up an obstacle course. With a stopwatch, they should see how fast they can complete the course. They could then continue to improve this time.

There are a number of forums and videos on the internet that a budding drone racer can use to check their times and their skills. Once the racer can easily navigate the drone on a basic course, he or she can start to take advantage of the drone's acrobatic maneuvers. Those maneuvers may be helpful in avoiding obstacles or overtaking other racers in a racing setting.

Only experience and constant practice can lead to eventual racing success. Finally, the prospective drone racer should start to look at other possible races that are occurring in his or her area. Starting locally is the best way to gain experience and improve their drone racing skills.

What kinds of videos can this drone take?

This drone can take a number of different videos when a camera is attached. It can take high-quality videos because of the stabilization feature on the drone. Stabilization and gyros allow the drone to eliminate much of the fuzz from possible drone pictures.

Artistic and utilitarian videos are both possible with this drone. The videos are only limited to a certain degree by quality and by the battery life of the drone. This battery life can also be decreased if the camera is hooked up to the copter. Running the video camera can cut down on drone battery life just as much as other apps associated with drones and other features such as lights. This definitely not a drone to use for a business as it is not really meant for taking professional video or images. If you are looking for ways to make money with drones check out this article for more information.


The MJX Bugs 3 H Drone is one of the most popular and well-crafted on the market today. It is primarily sold and marketed as a racing drone. That purpose would be the one it is best suited for. The drone can perform the tight curves and aerial acrobatics necessary for it to take part in long races.

While it is not particularly built for taking pictures or video, it does have those capabilities to a certain degree. The price point is near the median for drones and its controls can be handled by individuals with limited experience. For a large number of possible users, this drone is a great buy.

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