How to get a drone out of a tree

If you love flying drones, it is only a matter of time before one of them ends up stuck in a tree. If you are unlucky, the tree will be quite high. In most cases, you can just climb your way to the top of the tree, especially if it is a short tree. However, you will need to be creative in some scenarios. The first step to rescuing your drone from a tree is to assess how stuck it is in the tree. The following are great ideas on how to get your drone out of a tree.

1. Use a Ladder Shake

Using a ladder to shake the tree is the perfect way to dislodge your drone. However, it will depend on the unique properties of the tree. For instance, the tree needs to be a bit flexible. Thus, this method will only work with trees that are just about one foot wide. Any wider than that and the tree would just be too rigid for such an attempt. As the tree gets tall, the chances are that it becomes thinner and thus easier to shake.

The first thing you do is steady a ladder against the tree. Now climb up the ladder and hold onto the tree trunk firmly. You should now start shifting weigh backward and forward, but being careful not to slip off the ladder. It will help dislodge the drone.

2. Use a Long, Lightweight Pole

Another method to get your drone out of a tree is to use a long pole. However, you need to find a pole that is light enough. Otherwise, you will soon find out just how hard it can be to control a long, thin pole. The ideal material for such a pole would be fiberglass. The reason for this is that the content is light but firm enough to allow you get a drone out of a tree.

Another idea is to use a pole made of PVC pipes. Just stick a few PVC pipes together end to end using duct tape. If the tree is too high, you can combine the pole with a ladder. Get as high up the ladder as possible and then with the pole; you can poke the drone out of the tree. You can have someone at the bottom to catch the drone for you, or you can ensure that the landing spot is padded well enough.

3. Climb Up the Tree

Climbing a tree can be attempted in some cases. It is especially so if the tree has a twisted trunk and the branches are not too far apart. As part of the climbing process, ensure that you can get both up and down the tree. It means you need to ensure that the tree has firm branches and that tree trunk is not too smooth. Before you start climbing, take off any jewelry, especially any that is around your neck.

In most cases, you may also need to take off your shoes and socks. It is especially so if the shoes have worn out trends. Do not be in a rush to climb up the tree. Always be sure that you will reach the next branch before you reach out to it. Hoist yourself up slowly, using the power of your legs and upper body. Now make your way to where the drone is stuck and free it. Take time and climb your way back to the ground.

4. Call a Tree Service

Not big on climbing the tree yourself? You can call a local tree service to see if they will send someone out to retrieve the drone for a fee. 

5. Knock it Out of the Tree

In some cases, the only way to get a drone out of the tree is to knock it out of the tree. You need to be very careful when you do this. If you knock the drone too hard, it will break, which will defeat the point of trying to rescue it. Besides that, you need to be careful about the trajectory of your projectile. You do not want to hurl a solid object at the drone only for it to end up breaking your neighbor’s window. Face in a direction where the object’s trajectory is likely not to hit anyone or anything.

An excellent object to hit the drone out of a tree would be a tennis ball. You can also use a dart gun, which has soft enough pellets to avoid damaging the drone. Whatever object you use to drop the drone, stay out of its likely landing area. The drone contains parts that can cause some serious injuries if they land on you.

6. Use a lift

Another method of how to get a drone out of a tree is to use a mechanical lift. If you live in a neighborhood when someone owns a bucket truck or owns a hydraulic lift, he or she can lift you up in the air. Call him or her and ask him or her to do you this favor. They might charge a small fee for fuel. Besides, it would be nice to compensate them for the effort even in cases where they are your friend. With this method, you can have your drone on the ground in just a few minutes.

Another lift you can use is a backhoe. If you know someone that is good at operating a backhoe, have it hoist you up the tree, and you can get your drone. Besides asking your friends, you can as well rent a lift. Most rental stores will lend their lifts to for a small fee.

7. Use a Toy Bow and Arrow or a Sling Shot

In some cases, a simple slingshot will do the job. Just tie a small weigh to the fishing line and shoot it up over the branch where the drone is stuck using the slingshot. Ensure that you use a strong fishing line. Ideally, use a Kevlar-coated one. The same idea will apply when you use the toy bow and arrow. Directly tie the fishing line to the end of the toy arrow. Now shoot it over the branch. Once this happens, tag on the fishing line until you shake the drone free. Ensure you wear the right gloves when doing this. Otherwise, you may end up injuring your palms.

8. Lasso the Branch

In some cases, you can just use an ordinary string, such as the one used for clotheslines and lasso the branch. This method is quite similar to the bow and arrow method. Tie a heavy weight on one end of the string and throw it over the branch. It may take a few tries, especially when the drone is stuck in a high branch. Thus, you need to ensure you get it right within the first few times or you will be too tired to get it right.

After you do manage to get your weight over the branch, do not use too much force. You do not want to shake the drone to violently, that it ends up flying upwards and stuck in another branch. Tag at it gently until it slowly slips off the branch.

9. Call the Fire Department

No one likes to contact the fire department unless it is an emergency. Thus, this should be the option of last resort. This method will only apply after you have tried everything else and failed. It is especially so if it is stuck in a public area and you do not have the means or tools to access your drone.

In such an area, throwing objects at it could injure bystanders. Make it clear to the fire department that you have stuck drone. If they have time, they will make their way to you and help get it out. Be ready to wait if they are busy. They most likely have to deal with other more pressing emergencies.

How to get a drone out of a tree (Summary)

At times you just have to walk away. It is especially so if it is a small drone, stuck somewhere in the wild and you do not have any means to get it down. Attempting to climb up the tree in such an instance may be dangerous, especially when you are alone. If you are injured, it may not be easy to find the drone.

Take time, effort and the cost of the drone when deciding on how to get a drone out of a tree. If it does not seem worth it, simply walk away. Drone technology has advanced, and you can just order another cheap drone online in minutes. Above all, always safe out there and happy flying!