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Best RC Boat Under 300

After trying RC boats within the starter price range you are probably ready to upgrade yourself to an improved boat. If you aren’t sure which one is the best RC boat under $300, don’t worry, there are some fun RC boats within this price range. You can get a high quality, super fast and durable […]

Traxxas Blast Review

Traxxas Blast

Made by Traxxas, which is a widely known manufacturer of remote controlled cars, Traxxas Blast RC Boat is fun and easy to operate. It boasts of an amazing battery life and a wide array of features bound to give you a great driving experience.The RC boat can be customized to meet specific preferences. You can […]


Looking for a cheap RC Boat that your son or daughter can use to improve their RC boat skills? Afraid to buy an expensive model before learning the basics? Well, fear not! The RC Boat market is loaded with a ton of options, each of which serves different user levels and price points. The best […]

Best RC Boat For Rough Water

RC boats For Choppy Water

RC boats are excellent tools for outdoor fun and adventure. It’s even more adventurous when you have the best remote-control boat for rough water, you have unlimited cruising field. An RC boat for bumpy water is designed to overcome any obstacle that can hinder normal RC boats on the water. As such, if you select […]

Best Self Righting RC Boat

Self Righting RC Boat

Remote controlled cars are common to most of us but folks who live near lakes and other water bodies are more familiar with RC boats. These boats come in a wide range and are designed differently with varied capabilities like self-righting and battery warning alerts among others.In this post, we review three of the best […]

Best RC Sailboat

Best RC Sailboat

There’s something inherently inviting about sailing. Floating on top of the water with the wind at your back, seeing ocean all around you, and having only your trusty sailboat with you to get you where you want to go is a situation people pay good money to be in. Of course, those ocean-worthy sailboats don’t […]

Best RC Catamaran

Traxxas RC Catamaran

Available remote controlled boat types vary in depth from gas RC boats to nitro to electric RC boats. There are 6 main types of RC boats, which include fun sports boats, high end sports boats, RC sail boats, RC scale boats, tug boats and combat boats. You can also get RC boats for fishing or […]