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Best Drones For Kids

Are you thinking of thrilling your son or daughter to the skies with a drone of their own? You probably could not pick a better, more exciting gift. Your child will love piloting their drone through 360’s or taking photos of the lake down the hill from a bird’s eye view. But you want it […]

Best Drones Under 100

Drones Under 100

With so many drone options out there it can be confusing for a newcomer to the hobby to even know where to begin to buy a drone. In this article we pick out the top 5 best drones under 100 bucks. Keep reading to find our top pick!As one of the fastest growing hobbies among tech […]

Meet The DJI Tello Drone

DJI Tello Top View

RC Hobby Review likes to keep up with all the latest news and DJI has recently announced their latest and more affordable model quadcopter in their line of drones, the DJI Tello. It won’t be readily available on the market until around March 2018, but this tiny little quadcopter seems like it would be an […]

Upair One Drone Review

Enter the Upair One, a surprisingly affordable yet sophisticated all-around 4K drone from China-based GTEN Innovations. Unlike most in its price range, the Upair One is not a run-of-the-mill low-priced quadcopter with a so-so camera and cheap materials. In this Upair One drone review, RC Hobby Review will go over everything you’d want to know […]

Hubsan H501S X4 Review

Hubsan H501S X4 Drone

Hubsan has produced many different types of drones throughout the years, all of which have been pretty successful in the drone market. Released back in 2015, they’ve come up with the Hubsan H501S X4 quadcopter drone which is full of useful features, giving you a high-quality performance with a rather affordable price tag.The H501S X4 […]

HUBSAN H109S X4 Pro Drone Review


Revealed and released back in 2015, the powerful yet affordable Hubsan H109S X4 Pro drone has gained a lot of attention from many drone enthusiasts and hobbyists alike. The H109S X4 comes in two versions which are the standard and the High Edition, although there’s little difference in between the two.The standard H109S has a […]

DJI Mavic Air Review

Flying a drone can be a fun and rewarding experience. Whether exploring your community or drone racing with a friend, drones can offer hours of entertainment in almost any outdoor or indoor environment. Additionally, drones can be used for professional purposes, including for surveying, videography, and more. In the modern world, the affordable drones that […]

DJI Mavic Air Drone Rumor Roundup

It is not surprising for companies to have their yet-to-be released brand features leaked to the market and spoiling the big surprise. DJI has fallen victim of this leak with its Mavic Air drone images and features being leaked ahead of its launch, which was set for 23rd of January. Unlike the existing models Spark […]