Best Remote Control Boats For Kids

best rc boats for kids

If you are looking for the best remote-controlled boat for kids, there are a few considerations you need to keep in mind. RC boats for kids are a type of RC vehicle that have been designed for use for a two and half-year-old and older. Small enough to be used indoors and outdoors, RC boats should only be used on calm water surfaces since the boats are so small.

When choosing an RC boat, there are certain things to look for that make a difference in its ease of use like a controller that uses multiple frequencies. You also want to consider capsizing features, battery capacity, and speeds when choosing the right RC boat. If you are looking for an something that can go underwater you might want to check out an RC Submarine. Looking to take your kid fishing? Why not use a remote controlled fishing boat next time?

Here are a few tips on what to look for in the best remote controlled boat for kids and a few reviews to help you start shopping.

Top RC Boats for Children Reviews

AA Aqua RC Boat for Kids

Altair AA Aqua Fast RC Remote Control Boat for Pools & Lakes, Unique CSP Child Safe Propeller System for Kids, Self Righting, Water Cooled, 2 Batteries, 30 km/h Speed, 2.4Ghz, (Lincoln, NE Company)

The AA Aqua is one of the most exciting RC boats for kids. This boat from Altair Aerial is great for a kid who has never picked up an RC toy before because it’s so easy to use. The controller will fit perfectly in their hands and they can easily drive the Aqua across the water.

This RC boat comes with 2 batteries to give kids double the on the water time. One battery lasts about 10 minutes, so you can get approximately 20 minutes of racing time if both of the batteries are fully charged. The boat also has a range of over 100 meters so you can be sure your child will have fun racing anywhere from smaller ponds to larger lakes.

Plus, you never have to worry about losing your boat in the water. The AA Aqua comes with an anti-capsize hull system to help get the boat upright if it flips upside down in the water. By using the remote control, you can easily have your AA Aqua upright and sailing again in no time.

The AA Aqua is great for racing too. You and your child can have fun competing against each other because the 2.4GHz Radio Controller is designed so there’s no RC interference. This means you’re able to race multiple boats at the same time!

The AA Aqua can hit speeds of up to 20mph hour and its sharp red paint job will give you the best racer at the lake!

If you or your child have any troubles getting started with the AA Aqua, you can head to Altair’s website and watch their how-to videos that will help you master driving the Aqua. Also, this is an American company so you can guarantee you will receive the best US-based customer service.

This is one of the best RC boats for kids and it’s affordable too. Don’t miss out on the AA Aqua as it’s a great toy to get your kids active and outdoors. Spend some time in the sun and on the water with this perfect RC toy.


  • Easy to learn and control for beginners
  • Won’t capsize easily
  • 2 Batteries gives you long boating time


  • Not as fast as some other RC boats

Force1 RC Velocity Wave Remote Control Boat

Force1 RC Boat Pool Toys - “Velocity Wave” High Speed Remote Control Boat with Extra Battery + Toy Boat Capsize Recovery for Fast RC Boat Stability

Kids will love making crazy jumps with the Force 1 Velocity Wave Remote Control Boat. This is an upgraded version that can blow by all the other boats in the water. With speeds up to twenty miles per hour, the Velocity Wave has a water-cooled engine, a long-range LCD display, an emergency stop, and includes capsize recovery.
The anti-tilt hull and capsize recovery features make it one of the most stable RC boats on the market so it is a perfect choice for both adults and kids.

The 2.4 GHz remote control includes an LCD signal, trim and power displays, and a Throttle Switch Mode making it easy to pilot this RC boat. The double hatch features keep water out of the engine with a special design that keeps the speedboat super-sealed.

Water is used to keep cool your boat engine with the high-torque engine that has a water-cooling system. This is the perfect toy for use in lakes and pools. The Velocity Wave also comes with extras including an extra propeller, battery, prop lube, and a dry-dock stand for fast drying after use.


  • The boat is so super-fast it is difficult to get a good video of it 
  • Easy to learn and instructions are easy to follow 
  • Very stable in the water and won’t capsize


  • Screws rust out quickly
  • Can only use on very calm water

Here is a short preview of the Velocity Wave in action:

H102 Velocity Force 1 RC Boat

Force1 RC Boat Pool Toys - “H102 Velocity” High Speed Remote Control Boat with Extra Battery + Toy Boat Capsize Recovery for Fast RC Boat Racing

With a large prop motor, the H102 Velocity can reach a speed of over twenty miles per hour. This very fast RC boat has a ton of features that blow away the other boats on the market. Featuring Capsize Recovery, a double-hatch design, and a long-range remote.

The 2.4 GHz LCD remote includes upgrades on the power and signal displays, a Throttle Switch Mode, and trim adjustment. The anti-tile hull and Capsize Recovery features work right from the remote, so you can get your boat right side up and back in the water.
The double-hatch design improves water resistance and is perfect for using the boat in lakes and pools. The Velocity also has an emergency stop and a water-cooled engine to make your RC boat last longer.

This is an easy to control RC speed boat that is ideal for kids fourteen and over. Not for saltwater use, this durable RC Boat comes with two batteries, so you can keep it out on the water longer before recharging. Other extras include prop lube, propeller, and dry-dock boat stand.


  • Works well in open water and your swimming pool
  • Very fast and comes with a spare battery 
  • Nice capsize features


  • Battery only last 25 minutes, however you can always buy extra batteries
  • Takes a little bit of time to get the hang of it

Here is an unboxing and some video the H102 in action.

Venom Remote Control Boat

UDI001 Venom Remote Control Boat - High Speed Venom RC Boats for Adults - Remote Control Boats for Lakes with 2 Batteries (Rattlesnake Red)

Easily edging out other RC boats on the market, the Venom Remote Control Boat is powerful and fast with high speeds and tons of features. It features a prop motor with a water-cooling system that allows you to get up to fifteen miles per hour, so you can blow past the other boast on the water. This is an easy to steer and learn boat with a rudder design that will auto-correct, so it is easy to pilot.

The Venom is ready to go right out of the box. You can also spend hours of fun competing against other RC boats without any worries about your signals crossing. With a 4-channel transmitter, this fast speed boat is perfect for RC boat racing. The transmitter is so powerful, you can use it for long range distances and let you boat skirt the far edges of the pond.

Built with plastic that is impact-resistant, the Venom also has an anti-tilt layout making it a dependable boat to have out on the water. It is designed to stay upright and has a Capsize Recovery Features in case you do roll over, so you can get back to hitting the waves in no time. And, when you are using it out on the water, put it in the included stand and display it for all your friends to see.

A low battery alarm will alert you to when you need to head into shore and get a recharge or simply use the included extra battery. After letting the Venom rest for about twenty minutes, you can get it ready to hit the water for another race. Always let the RC boat dry before you recharge it and only use it in freshwater.


  • Alarm tells you when the battery is almost dead
  • Comes with stand if you want to put it on display


  • Thin gasket on top cover that lets in water, you need to add another to double the thickness or use waterproof tape
  • There are gaps that let in water and could get moisture on the battery

ALLCACA Remote Control Boat

ALLCACA Remote Control Boat for Pools and Lakes - 2.4Ghz High Speed RC Boat - 4 Channels Electric Boat for Kids & Adults

With a max speed of 28 KM/H, the ALLCACA Remote Control Boat has a powerful 390 brushed motor with the ability to do auto flips and sharp turns. It also has a self-righting feature, so you can keep your boat moving even when it capsizes. With the 2.4 GHz remote technology, you can use the RC boat over 150 meters away and can also support more than one boat while they play together without worrying about interference.
Fitted out with a water cooling system, the ALLCACA Remote Control Boat and effectively lessen the possibility of motor loss.

It also has an automatic correcting channel element with insert steering on the right and left side that can reset the channel automatically. A low battery warning will also sound when your RC boat is low on power, so you know when to head for shore although keep in mind this safety feature only works when the boat is in the water.

Including one high power Including a high powered 7.4V 600mAh battery, this rechargeable battery is powerful and can last up to 120 mins. Plus, the boat is easily charged with a USB charger.


  • Easy to control and drive
  • So fast you are afraid it will get away from you
  • Battery alert lets you know when it is low


  • None

Top Race My First Little RC Boat for Kids

Top Race Remote Control Boat for Beginners, My First Little RC Boat for Kids. TR-600

If you have little ones, the Top Race Remote Control Boat for Beginners is a great choice. My First Little RC Boat for Kids is not very complicated and is designed specifically for little kids. It works in any pool and just needs 2 AA batteries to operate.

My First Little RC Boat for Kids moves backward, forward, left, and right. It is perfectly safe for children three and over and goes about 3 miles per hour. This is the perfect summertime toy that even works well in the bathtub.


  • Perfect RC boat for younger kids
  •  Not too fast and works well in any type of water
  • Great summertime fun that is easy to use


  • None

Remote Controlled Boat for Kids Buying Guide

Types of RC Boats

RC Sailboats

Just like real sailboats, RC sailboats have rudders and sails. They do not use fuel or batteries but just work with a simple receiver that lets you turn the rudder and sails by using a remote control. Basically, the wind is used to power these boats which make them low maintenance as you don’t have to worry about fuel, batteries, or an engine. Users will find they are different to pilot in comparison to other RC boats making them a little tricky to use. People who are used to driving full-sized boats though will enjoy piloting an RC sailboat.

RC Power Boats

Similar to a remote-controlled speed boat, RC power boats are fast and streamlined making them a very popular RC boat choice. Due to their speed, they can be hard to maneuver, especially when you are just learning. A sports boat tends to be a little slower so they are a better choice for recreational users and beginners who are interested in more than the speed of the boat. You will find that the majority of RC power boats run on batteries with a few running on nitro or gas.

Scale RC boats

If you are a ship enthusiast or a history fan, scale RC boats are perfect for you. Since they are remote controlled, they are basically real ships. Unlike RC boats, they are not meant to be the fastest on the water and focus more on their appearance, especially on how realistic they appear.

Considerations When Choosing an RC Boat for Kids

Power options

Only sailboats are wind-powered, so the RC boat you get will either run on gas, nitro, or batteries. Here is a quick break down of the differences between the three.
With a battery powered RC boat, you get a product that is easy to maintain and operate as there is no need to have extra fuel on hand to refill the fuel tank. They also tend to be very quiet and can be used both indoors and outdoors. However, they only run for a short period of time before you must recharge the battery unless you purchase extra batteries to have as back up.

If you have a nitro powered RC boat, you will find that it is very fast and responsive. You can fine-tune the RC boat's performance as they are faster than both battery and gas-powered models, plus you can run them for as long as you like. The drawbacks of nitro powered RC boats are that they are hard to maintain, and you can’t run them inside due to their fumes. They also tend to be very noisy boats and the fuel is expensive to buy.
Gas-powered RC boats can often be found in larger scales than the other types of boat models. Gas is also cheap to buy, and this type of boat is easier to maintain than its nitro-powered counterparts. Their disadvantages include an inability to use them indoors and they tend to run at slower speeds in comparison to battery and nitro-powered boats.

Hull Types

As far as performance, type of hull on your RC boat is a big consideration, so make sure you choose the correct one for the conditions your boat will be in.
· Single, V-shaped hulls are called monohulls. This type of hull is fast, stable in rough water, and very maneuverable making them the most popular hull type.
· With a large footprint, catamaran hulls have two sponsons that are attached on either side of the hull. Providing more stability in normal conditions, they do not work as well in rough waters and tend to be slower because of increased drag.
· Shaped like a two-pronged for, hydroplane hulls were created for oval racing, so they are not ideal at turning left making them a poor option for a good multipurpose RC boat.

Ease of Use

Look for a model that has an easy to use and intuitive remote control. This is especially important for beginners that need something easy to operate. Once you’ve learned the ropes, you can upgrade to something more difficult.


For some, speed is a very important feature in their RC boat. You can find boats that have speeds ranging from 5 to 50 miles per hour or more. If it is your first time operating an RC boat, you don’t want to get one that goes too fast as it can be harder to control. Get a boat with a maximum speed of 20 miles per hour if you are a beginner.

Price Range

You will find that the most basic RC boats run between $15 to $30, but don’t expect them to be the best quality as they tend to be more of a toy than a serious RC vehicle. Mid-range boats ranging between $30 and $100 will yield some great boats, especially at the higher end of the range. The most expensive boats can run anywhere between $100 to up to $2,000 with the most expensive boats used for professional racing while those on the bottom end of this price range are usually more than enough for a hobbyist.

Other Considerations

Make sure to check and see if your RC boat will need adjustments or assembly. When you the term "RTR" in its description, that stands for “ready to run.” I.e., so it will not require assembly.

Since you may need to repair your RC boat someday, have spare parts that are easy to get is important. Remember that if you can’t access spare parts, you will have to replace the entire boat. Check out the range of the RC boat and find out how far away it can travel from where you are standing with the remote control without losing its signal.

RC boats are a great toy for kids and a lot safer that remote controlled planes and helicopters. As you do your research, you will find that the best remote controlled boats for kids are easy to operate and can be recharged easily. Since it is better to have toys that kids can just play with, look for something that doesn’t need maintenance and that can just be put away at the end of the day. There are a lot of great remote controlled boats on the market so you shouldn’t have a hard time finding just the perfect model for that special kid in your life.