Best Remote Control Boats For Kids

The AA Aqua is one of the most exciting RC boats for kids. This boat from Altair Aerial is great for a kid who has never picked up an RC toy before because it’s so easy to use. The controller will fit perfectly in their hands and they can easily drive the Aqua across the water.

This RC boat comes with 2 batteries to give kids double the on the water time. One battery lasts about 10 minutes, so you can get approximately 20 minutes of racing time if both of the batteries are fully charged. The boat also has a range of over 100 meters so you can be sure your child will have fun racing anywhere from smaller ponds to larger lakes.

Plus, you never have to worry about losing your boat in the water. The AA Aqua comes with an anti-capsize hull system to help get the boat upright if it flips upside down in the water. By using the remote control, you can easily have your AA Aqua upright and sailing again in no time.

The AA Aqua is great for racing too. You and your child can have fun competing against each other because the 2.4GHz Radio Controller is designed so there’s no RC interference. This means you’re able to race multiple boats at the same time!

The AA Aqua can hit speeds of up to 20mph hour and its sharp red paint job will give you the best racer at the lake!

If you or your child have any troubles getting started with the AA Aqua, you can head to Altair’s website and watch their how-to videos that will help you master driving the Aqua. Also, this is an American company so you can guarantee you will receive the best US-based customer service.

This is one of the best RC boats for kids and it’s affordable too. Don’t miss out on the AA Aqua as it’s a great toy to get your kids active and outdoors. Spend some time in the sun and on the water with this perfect RC toy.


  • Easy to learn and control for beginners
  • Won’t capsize easily
  • 2 Batteries gives you long boating time


  • Not as fast as some other RC boats

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