Best Remote Control Boat For Beginners

The excitement of getting a new boat is just indescribable. If you are entirely new to this game then finding the right boat can be quite tricky, so here’s a list of best RC boats for beginners. Take a look and make the right decision the very first time. Most of these boats are under 100 bucks and are very affordable.

1. AA Aqua RC Speed Boat for Beginners

Altair AA Aqua Fast RC Remote Control Boat for Pools & Lakes, Unique CSP Child Safe Propeller System for Kids, Self Righting, Water Cooled, 2 Batteries, 30 km/h Speed, 2.4Ghz, (Lincoln, NE Company)

If you’re a beginner that’s interested in RC boats but have never used one before, choosing the right one may feel intimidating. In the AA Aqua you’ll find a beginner-friendly rc boat that is packed full of amazing features!

The AA Aqua is ready to impress with its stunning bright red color and comes with a water-cooling system that prevents the boat from overheating. Also, the waterproof hull design will help keep the motor safe and dry even after heavy use.

Plus, to have even more racing time in the water, there are two 10-minute batteries included which let anyone drive for up to 20 minutes. These are just a few of the great things about the AA Aqua RC boat.


There are a ton of beginner-friendly features in the AA Aqua that you will love. For starters, the boat has low battery and out of range alarms that let you know when it’s time to bring your boat back to shore. This helps you remain in control of your boat at all times, so you don’t lose or damage it.

You will also enjoy that the AA Aqua RC boat has an anti-capsize hull system that will help you turn your boat upright if it gets flipped over in the water. All you have to do is turn the wheel on your controller back and forth and your boat will flip back over and you’re ready for more racing! This easy to use and extremely helpful feature is great for any beginner who may be a little nervous about racing in a larger body of water.

The AA Aqua travels at speeds of up to 20mph and has a range of about 100 meters. This is fast enough to get a little bit of an adrenaline rush while racing but still allows you to stay in control throughout. As a beginner, 100 meters may seem like a far distance and you don’t have to drive that far out right off the bat. As you build your confidence and improve your skills you will start to feel more comfortable driving further away from shore.


  • Easy to learn the controls
  • An extra battery for more driving time
  • Bright and sharp design
  • Helpful low battery and out of range alarms


  • Can only drive in freshwater

2. The Wave RC Toy Boat

Altair AA Wave RC Remote Control Boat for Pools & Lakes, Beginner Safe CSP Child Safe Propeller System for Kids, Self Righting, Water Cooled, 2 Batteries, 24 km/h Speed, 2.4gHz, (Lincoln, NE Company)

Smaller RC boats can be great for anyone who is just learning how to use an RC boat. The Wave RC Toy Boat is a small yet exciting boat that can be enjoyed by kids and beginners alike, and it comes with some awesome features that you won’t want to miss out on.

This bright yellow boat is a showstopper out on the water and travels at speeds up to 15 mph. It’s fast and fun and a great way to get yourself outside. The Wave RC boat also comes with some great extras like an extra battery to give you double the driving time. One battery lasts for approximately 6-8 minutes so you can spend about 15 minutes racing if both of your batteries are fully charged.


This RC boat is a top choice for any beginner, and you will have a great experience driving it for yourself. The Wave comes with an easy-to-use controller that will allow you to get the hang of things in no time.

The Wave RC boat comes with a water-cooled engine system to prevent the boat from overheating and the sleek design is completely waterproof which prevents the motor from becoming damaged.

Other standout features include the anti-capsize hull system which helps you keep your boat upright in the water. If your boat does get flipped over, you can easily get it back in position by turning the wheel on your controller back and forth. It’s easy to use and helpful if you find yourself in some rougher water.

The Wave RC boat can drive at a distance of just under 100 meters and that is pretty far, especially for a beginner. While at first, you may not need to worry about driving it out of range, you will become more confident in your driving skills and then the out of range alarm will definitely come in handy.


  • Extra batteries give you more on the water time
  • Sleek, waterproof design
  • Water-cooled engine system prevents damage and overheating
  • Easy to use for kids


  • Not as fast as other RC boats

3. Force 1 H102 Velocity

RC Boat Pool Toys for Kids - “Force1 H102 Velocity” Remote Control Boat w/ Rechargeable Fast RC Boat Battery + Capsize Recovery for Toy Boat Lake Toys

This gorgeous looking remote control boat is swift and reliable. It has a fantastic set of features that makes it stand out from the rest of RC boats for beginners. Moreover, a prop motor is included that is quite large and helps in increasing the speed of the boat. It comes with two big batteries that make it one of the best RC boats for beginners.

It’s straightforward to straightforward to increase the speed of this boat; the design is not just eye-catching but helps in protecting the boat engine. In addition to that, the remote is another highlight of this machine. The remote takes special care of the battery power of this RC boat. Also included is an extra efficient engine, which helps in increasing and building the speed of the boat. In case, you are going on the lightning fast speed you don’t have to panic as it embraces good brakes that allow emergency stop.


This is one of the RC boats for beginners that will give you a fantastic experience; its 20+ MPH speed makes it even more interesting. This remote control boat puts other RC boats for beginners to shame because of its 4-channel remote. Make sure that you are using it on pools and lake because they are not suitable for using on saltwater. The boat pilot should ensure the boat is driven with immense care because it’s super fast.

It’s fair to say that it’s a favorite RC boat for beginners because of its smooth controls and eye-catching design. If you are someone who is seeking fun, then this is the right choice for you. Unlike other RC boats for beginners, it comes with two durable batteries plus an extra battery. Additional supplies are also available with it such as nose guard, prop lube, and dry-dock stand and a lot more. All these supplies help the boat move faster. It’s a top-notch quality RC boat for beginners, and you can get a refund if you are not fully satisfied with the results.


•    Lightning fast

•    Elegant design

•    Extra supplies

•    Velocity can be controlled easily

•    Easy controls


•    The screws on the bottom get rusted quickly

•    The battery doesn’t last for long

Who is it for?

 Mostly used by adults and kids who are ages 14+ and up.

4. TR Remote Control RC Boat

TR Remote Control RC Boat, Speed of 30 Mph, Auto Flip Recovery, 2.4 Ghz Transmitter, Professional Series

This RC boat for beginners is loved by all; its brushless motor is long lasting and quite reliable. It is also equipped with a wonderful water cooling system. Unlike countless other RC boats for beginners, it is super powerful. The best thing about it is its speed; you can enjoy this flexibly fast boat with a speed of 30 Mph.


TR’s RC boats for beginners is both professional and elegant at the same time. It comes with a servo controller that is imperative because boat’s top speed is pretty high. Another great add-on is an electron speed regulator that helps in boosting the speed. Its water cooling system is incredible making it usable on any day. No matter what kind of whether it is you can enjoy with your RC boat anytime.

One of the primary reasons it is considered as best RC boat for beginners is that it has a long boat life due to the presence of a built-in water cooling system. Don’t panic if your boat capsizes, and you can always recover it with the help of auto flip. Auto flip is an exceptional capsize recovery which helps in get your RC boat back in the game. Furthermore, a radio control transmitter is included, which helps in controlling the boast with immense ease.

The battery takes almost 120 minutes to get charged and the battery’s play time is approximately eight to ten minutes. There is a user manual present in the box that will help you know every minor detail. This fantastic RC boat for beginners is very user-friendly; it takes a few seconds to connect the vessel to its transmitter.

The first step is preparing the transmitter, set up the transmitter with the help of AA batteries but make sure to keep them off first. After that, you connect your boat with the boat battery. When you connect boat and boat batteries, you’ll see a blinking red light. The other step is to turn on the transmitter, ensure you turn it on with five seconds. The red light will stop blinking and will become stable proving the connection was successful.


•    High frequency remote

•    Well built

•    Fast

•    Attractive design


•    You have to tape a few areas to prevent water from getting inside

Who is it for?

It is suitable for adults and kids who are ages 14+ and up.

5. TOYEN GordVE Remote Control Boat

TOYEN GordVE Remote Control Boat for Lakes, Pools and Outdoor Adventure 4CH High Speed Electric RC Boat-Blue

The compact size and super high speed are what makes it stand tall. The top speed of this RC boat is 30 km/h, and you can sail it up to almost 150 meters. It’s straightforward to control, and its orientation is just perfect. The anti-tilt modular design makes it even more attractive, and it comes with a waterproof hull that is made from high-quality ABS plastic material. Moreover, the premium quality plastic material used in it makes it easy to maintain plus its parts can also be replaced without any hassle.

You can also see its battery capacity through the LCD screen. When the battery needs to be recharged, you’ll be informed by its automatic alarm. Moreover, a capsize recovery feature is included that makes it even more endearing.


This RC boat for beginners contains a streamlined hull that helps in increasing the speed. Its water jet design is striking, and unlike other RC boats, it is much safer. The tails are made in such a professional way that it makes the whole boat pretty flexible than any other ordinary boat.

The shape of this incredible RC boat for beginners is not just beautiful but also very useful; its excellent form helps in reducing the resistance. Moreover, the shape aids in quick movement of the hull, its bright, smooth texture is alluring.

It comes with a navigation rudder that swings in directions, right and left. If you are going in the wrong direction, the navigator automatically corrects it and allows the boat to sail efficiently.


•    Elegant design

•    Fast

•    Navigation rudder

•    Made from high-quality material


•    Battery life is not up to the mark

Who is it for?

It’s super easy to use so that’s why it can be played with by kids of any age.

6. UDI001 Venom Remote Control Boat

UDI001 Venom Remote Control Boat - High Speed Venom RC Boats for Adults - Remote Control Boats for Lakes with 2 Batteries (Rattlesnake Red)

One of the most reasonable RC boats for beginners; it’s best to sail it in lakes and pools. This is one of the fastest RC boats as compared with the other models of this brand. You’ll feel proud to own it as it will blow out its opponent boats. The incredible thing about this boat is that it comes with an extra battery. If you are out with your friends and want to win the race, then this remote-controlled boat is right for you. It is one of the most loved RC boats for beginners because of its extraordinary durability.

This boat is not at all complicated, it comes with straightforward controls and can be used by inexperienced individuals as well. Its 4-channel remote help in racing multiple RC boats at the same time and same place. The anti-tilt ABS hull makes it flexible; another useful feature of this boat is its powerful motor.


After getting your hands on this fantastic RC boat for beginners you can proudly set out for competition with your neighbors, this remarkable radio controlled boat will make you proud. This is the best boat that can compete and win against other RC boats. Comes with a 4-channel transmitter that will help you in racing. Easy to control and beginners find it simple to learn its handles. Its rudder design is another good thing about this marvelous RC boat for beginners.

The material used to make this boat is ABS impact resistant plastic making it durable and reliable. Its waterproof hull will give you extra confidence while sailing it. Its anti-tilt design is another plus point about this remote-controlled boat. Unlike other RC boats for beginners, this one has the capsize recovery feature; it will help you get your boat back into the game. The anti-capsize feature makes it a great boat for rough waters.

It can go long range without any problem; also offer a venom transmitter that is 2.4 GHz. This powerful transmitter is also controlled by remote control. It comes with a stand that can be either used to display your gorgeous boat or can be used to dry the boat after sailing. It helps in protecting the engine from rusting and ruining. After using the Venom allow it to cool down for almost 20-25 minutes before it is ready for another round. To gain more power for your boat make sure you let it completely dry before recharging.


•    Fast

•    Comes in a variety of colors

•    Incredible design

•    Made from high-quality material


•    Water can occasionally get inside the boat if not probably maintained

•    Gasket on the top is way too thin

Who is it for?

Can be used by 14+ beginners and pros, you don’t need to have any prior experience

7. UDIRC 2.4 GHz RC Racing Boat

UDIRC 2.4Ghz RC Racing Boat for Adults 30KM/H High Speed Electronic Remote Control Boat for Kids

This sleek dual-cover design boat is one of the best RC boats for beginners. It comes with a high-speed remote control and many other amazing features.


It can be enjoyed both outdoor and indoor, the dual cover ensures the boat is protected from any damage and infiltration of water. The handling is impressive, and the best thing is its streamlined hull. You sail your boat in small bodies of water as well. It also can be displayed on its stand, that stand can also be used to drying it out after a run.

It has a low battery alarm that let you know whenever the battery needs to get charged. Its capsize recovery feature another positive thing about this fantastic RC boat for beginners.


•    Sleek design

•    Fast

•    Capsize recovery feature


•    It doesn’t come with an extra battery

Who is it for?

 For both adults and kids


This list will help you make the right decision in buying an RC boat that you and your family will enjoy. All the boats mentioned above are recommended for beginners. Also if you are new check out our RC boat tips here. If these boats are fast pace you may be more interested an RC sailboat.