Best RC Truck Under 200

When buying an RC Truck for yourself or as a gift, there are several features to consider. Matching the skill level of the recipient ensures that the RC truck will be used more frequently. Beginners need slower speeds to be able to control the vehicle. However, more advanced operators enjoy the thrill of higher speeds. The power of the controller allows the truck to run at a greater range. In addition, a pistol-style controller is easier to use than a joystick controller. Dual batteries and a connector allow for longer play time. The motors and the construction of the truck allows it to be used for racing or off-the-road. In addition, the size of the vehicle determines how easily it can be transported. Deciding which of these features are important will help you choose the best RC vehicle for you.

Altair Power Pro RC Truck

Altair 1:10 Large Scale RC Truck with 30 Minutes Continuous Battery Life - 48+ km/hr High-Speed Remote Control Car - 4x4 All-Weather Off-Road RC Monster Truck

The Altair Power Pro RC truck provides 30 minutes of fun with longer battery life because of the two-battery-capacity of the Power Pro XL Bundle. The two 1600 mAH batteries can be used simultaneously. The batteries take three hours to charge with the USB chargers that come with the truck, but you can buy an extra set of batteries to play longer. The pistol-style control requires three AA batteries.

For speed, durability, and power, this RC truck includes double motors that allow it to cover any surface at a full speed of 30 mph (46 km/h). It offers a range of nearly 100 yards. This truck is suitable for beginners and experienced drivers, because the control offers a speed setting for beginners and one for more advanced operators. It has four-wheel drive; four-wheel independent suspension; rubber tires; all-terrain wheels with six metal springs each; and weather-resistance.

This Altair durable, heavy-duty RC truck has a steel-structured chassis, all-metal sealed bearings, and a strong drive train. RC enthusiasts can enjoy both racing this truck on flat surfaces and going off-road with it. The fully assembled truck measures 17.64 inches x 12.72 inches x 6.54 inches and weighs four pounds, so it is small and light enough to be portable.


  • This Altair RC truck has two batteries that can be connected and will allow the truck to run for 30 minutes.
  • With all-terrain capability, this truck can reach a top speed of 30 mph and a range of almost 100 yards.
  • At 17.64' x 12.72' x 6.54' and 4 pounds, this compact, lightweight, large-scale RC truck is easily portable.


  • If you want more than 30 minutes play time, you need to buy an extra set of two batteries.
ALTAIR 1:10 Scale RC Truck with 2 Batteries [30 Minutes Non-Stop Run...
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ALTAIR 1:10 Scale RC Truck with 2 Batteries [30 Minutes Non-Stop Run...
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Laegendary Legend High-speed Monster Truck

1:10 Scale Large RC Cars 48+ kmh Speed - Boys Remote Control Car 4x4 Off Road Monster Truck Electric - All Terrain Waterproof Toys Trucks for Kids and Adults - 2 Batteries + Connector for 30+ Min Play

The Laegendary 1:10 All-Terrain Waterproof 4WD RC Truck uses two Li-Po, 7.4-volt' 1600 mAh rechargeable batteries that can be used with the double battery connector provided to help the truck run for 30 minutes. An additional set of batteries can be purchased to allow you to play longer. With two brush motors, this Laegendary truck can accelerate up to 30 mph (48 km/h), and with heavy-duty wheels and oil-filled metal shocks, this durable RC truck can handle all terrains.

Using a 2.4 GHz pistol-style controller with low and high-speed settings to accommodate different levels of experience, this RC truck has up to a 250-foot range. To be able to use two or more trucks at the same time without interference, bind each truck and its controller separately.

For safety, a fireproof battery bag is included with this truck. In addition, two USB chargers are included. The Laegendary RC truck measures 17.5 inches x 12.7 inches x 6.6 inches and weighs 2.2 pounds. With the two-speed controller, this truck is suitable for everyone, and it has features for both those who like to race RC trucks and those who like to go off-road.


  • This Laegendary RC truck can reach speeds of up to 30 mph and is an off-road vehicle.
  • It uses two batteries to allow up to 30 minutes of play time.
  • You can bind the truck and controller so that you can run two or more vehicles at the same time without interference.
  • US based Support


  • There is an issue with being able to keep replacement parts in stock, so you may want to keep spare parts on hand.
LAEGENDARY Fast RC Cars for Adults and Kids - 4x4, Off-Road Remote...
  • BRUSHED MOTOR - The wound wire coils in the...
  • EASY MANEUVERABILITY - The easy-to-use,...
  • GO OFF-ROAD - Whether you're steering on...

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Soyee Waterproof RC Truck

Using two 1600mAh li-ion batteries, a charger, and a connector, the 1:10 hobby-grade Soyee RC truck can reach 30 mph (46 km/h), can be run on all-terrain surfaces, and can run for up to 30 minutes. An extra set of batteries will help you play longer. The trucks also have two brushed motors and a 2.2-kilogram servo. The all-metal truck includes features such as 4WD, waterproofing, independent suspension, rubber tires, sealed ball bearings, and heavy-duty wheels with springs providing durability and stability.

The two-speed, 2.4 GHz controller accommodates beginner and experienced drivers and provides the ability to do stunts. This compact and lightweight large-scale truck measures 13.6 inches x 12 inches x 6.5 inches and weighs 5.89 pounds. This Soyee RC trucks comes with two batteries, a battery connector, a radio controller, a charger, a UL adaptor, eight pins, an on/off replacement switch, a wrench, and a user's manual.


  • With two brush motors and two batteries that can be connected, this Soyee RC truck can is an all-terrain vehicle that can reach speeds of up to 30 mph.
  • The two-speed pistol-style controller makes this truck easy for beginners to use, but also fun for advanced drivers.
  • With features such as 4WD, waterproofing, independent suspension, rubber tires, sealed ball bearings, and heavy-duty wheels with springs' this truck is durable and stable.


  • Only one charger is provided for the two batteries.

Soyee RC Cars 1:10 Scale RTR 46km/h High Speed Remote Control Car All...

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After comparing these RC trucks, you will find that they are all very similar. All four of them offer a speed setting for beginners and advanced operators. a similar range, a pistol-style controller, dual batteries with a connector, higher speeds for racing, the power and durable construction for off-road use. and a compact size for trans-portability. So your choice will actually be based on the appearance of the truck. If you want something a little more full featured check out some more expense models here. If these RC trucks a little overkill you might want to check out something at a lower price point.