Best RC Battleships

Best RC Battleships

If you thought RC battleships are meant only for children, you are mistaken. This is because you will find highly advanced battleships that adults will find interesting too. If you lay your hands on one of these devices, you will certainly develop an addiction. They provide a good pastime activity, especially when people who have an interest in playing RC battleships decide to hang out. Acquiring one could also create a common activity that parents could participate with their kids and be sure to have lots of fun. Additionally, advanced battleships can be educational and capable of helping kids to develop motor skills.

About these Reviews

This guide only features reviews that are short and to the point, but it will tell all you need to know. At the end of each review, there is a simple table highlighting the top specs, pros, and cons.

Some things that we look for in our RC boats include

  • Motor
  • Speed
  • Materials/Quality Construction
  • Details, Design & Style
  • Underwater battleship motors<
  • Range

This guide provides an in-depth look at how to find the best RC battleship boats for whoever you’re buying for. Since we’re partial, we think they’d make great gifts for everyone, but there are a few reasons, like military collectors, RC boat racing, and tuning junkies. There are also many other uses for RC tech such as remote control boats for fishing, remote control boats for kids and even rc submarines.

4CH Large Aircraft Carrier Germany Battleship

4CH Large aircraft carrier RC boat Electric toys remote control boat model spaceship Germany Battleship Simulation HT3827a

  • Run Time: 26 minutes
  • Range: 80 meters
  • Speed: Up to 6 km/hour

  • Description
    The 4CH is a large carrier boat that is perfect for a gift because of its design, construction, and value. The boat comes with a remote control, charger, marine rechargeable battery, antenna, and manual. The boat has forward/reverse control with easy maneuvers that turn it left and right.

    There are also some safety devices in place so that the boat only moves when in water. The main thing to remember about this boat is that it is a scale model, which means that it’s not a warship and doesn’t have the same motor or propellers as a boat made to battle another. Collectors, hobbyists, kids aged 14 and up will really enjoy this aircraft carrier and have a lot of fun playing with it in the water.


    • Beautiful design and high-quality construction
    • Very proportionate to original Germany aircraft carrier battleship
    • Easy to control


    • Tends to tilt in the water due to the design
    • No firepower or high-powered gears
    • Poor handling and low speed

    RC Remote Control Battleship Cruiser

    RC Missile Warship Radio Remote Control RTR Ship Battleship Cruiser HT-3831A Electric Remote Control Simulation of Military High Speed Ship Four Channel Model Frigate Model
  • Run Time: 20 Minutes
  • Range: 60 feet
  • Speed: Up to 13 km/hour

  • Description
    This is one of the higher-quality RC battleship cruisers out there on the market. It is noted for its amazing, sleek, and stylish build with realistic details. It has a glossy finish and includes a model helicopter on board the ship.

    Along with dual propellers and a durable design, this is a great first ship to try out for entertainment. However, if you are looking for high-quality handling, higher speed, and more range, this is not going to be the best boat to pick. Collectors and beginner RC boat operators will love this boat though.


    • High-quality build
    • Very durable
    • Dual propellers
    • Very detailed with a high gloss finish, perfect as a gift


    • Some problems with sealing
    • Average range and speed
    • Higher cost despite low handling abilities

    German Bismarck Radio Control Military RC Battleship

    New 1:360 German Bismarck Radio Control Military RC Battleship Ready to Run
  • Run Time: 30 minutes
  • Range: 20 feet
  • Speed: Up to 16 km/hr

  • Description
    If you love warship models and details of German battleships, the 1:360 German Bismarck with Radio Control is ready to run and great for everyone. There are a lot of things to love about this boat including its performance. With dual propellers, decent electric motor, and higher range, you can really enjoy yourself playing with this boat in any type of water.

    However, some inaccuracies in the details have been pointed out by collectors. With a 1:360 scale, the manufacturer has recently upgraded this boat to be more detailed than before. It comes with a glossy finish and is a fast-moving RC boat. It’s easy to control and fully directional.


    • Attention to detail
    • Forward/reverse control, easy to maneuver
    • Dual propellers
    • Fast moving craft


    • Plastic mold makes it easier to break
    • Some issues with previous models not having the right details

    German Bismarck Military Battleship  Warship R/C Cruiser

    German Bismarck Military Battleship 1/360 RC 28" Warship R/C Cruiser
  • Run Time: 15-20 minutes
  • Range: 120 feet
  • Speed: Up to 10 MPH

  • Description
    The German Bismarck Military Battleship is a scale model cruiser that has glossy exterior paint, detailed exterior, and high-performance motor. Considered a fast-moving cruiser, you can scale through waves in ponds, rivers, lakes, and pools with a problem. However, the name is a little misleading as it isn’t a warship persay. You won’t be able to use this RC cruiser in any battles. The guns are just decorative elements that are great for collectors.

    Named as one of the best underwater battleships, you get a lot of performance and handling from the control, making it a great gift for those who want to test its strength in a nearby river or lake. With long dimensions of 28” by 3” by 7”, this boat goes pretty fast in water and has such a sleek design that it’s the perfect gift for a naval engineer or upcoming boat captain.


    • High-quality, high-performance boat
    • High range
    • Above average speed


    • Plastic parts make it easier to break
    • Not really a warship, guns are only decoration

    Smasher Destroyer RC War Ship

    Smasher Destroyer
  • Run Time: 20 Minutes
  • Range: 100 feet
  • Speed: Up to 7 MPH

  • Description

    One of the bestselling warships for under $100, the Smasher Destroyer is probably every kid’s naval dream. The long range, radar tower lights, and fully functioning controls make it a fun RC boat. The design is also detailed with an on-board model helicopter and glossy finish.

    This handsome RC warship is made with two opposing gun turrets and long transmission range, which means you can zoom far out. However, the build has some issues with sealing that you should note before heading out to the water. You may want to add on sealant to your purchase.


    • Incredible design with a glossy finish
    • Includes radar tower lights and on-board model helicopter
    • Decent speed
    • Very long range


    • Plastic construction
    • Not fully functioning gun turrets

    PLAYMOBIL Pirates Ship with RC Underwater Motor

    PLAYMOBIL Pirates Ship with RC Underwater Motor

  • Run Time: 10-20 minutes
  • Range: 10 feet
  • Speed: Up to 4 km/hr

  • Description
    The PLAYMOBILE pirates ship is a little boat made to have a lot of fun in the water. You will love how this pirate boat moves, making it a top underwater battleship Amazon gift. You can command the high seats with your kid as you take on small waves in this craft. The remote-controlled operation allows you easily steer the ship, and the best part is you also have model cannons that fire.

    There is a central storage compartment to store your treasure as well. This model comes with treasure chest, black sails, pirate figures, and a few other accessories. It is probably the best gift for a kid who loves naval stuff and has yet to receive the first RC boat.


    • Perfect gift for a pirate lover
    • Remote-controlled underwater motor
    • Functioning cannons


    As a toy, it’s not made to go very fast or have much range

    Remote Control Warship Buying Guide

    RC battleships have really progressed in the past five years. With further range, powerful motors, and incredibly smart designs, we are at the peak of toy boat evolution.

    There are three types of RC boats. Here’s a guide to help you distinguish so you end up with the right battleship:

    • Sail RC Boats: Easy-to-use, low maintenance, great for beginners. These boats don’t go that fast. </b>
    • Racing RC Boats: These miniature model boats are mainly for hobbyists who want electric-powered, nitro-powered, or gas-powered engines.
    • Scale RC Boats: These are model boats that are made to look like cruise ships, battleships, destroyers, and famous ocean liners.

    RC Battleship Boats: While these fall under scale boats, these often can model a speed boat with their powerful motors while taking on the design and style of famous military ships from history. They are also made with real, miniature cannons for RC boat combat.

    For advanced RC battleship lovers, these are some of the ship types that get the most attention from collectors: 

    • German military battleships
    • Destroyer war ships
    • Stealth missile warships
    • Battleship cruisers
    • Navy battleships
    • Aircraft carrier battleships

    Each boat operates the same as you’d expect with RC. The remote control connects to an on-board receiver. To be specific, these are hobby-grade boats that typically have a higher construction value and powerful motor, but the emphasis is always on technical design with collectors.

    Just looking for a toy battleship?

    Some battleships are easier to operate than others. We look at some of our favorites in the reviews below.

    What Features to Look For
    When it comes to purchasing a high-quality remote control battleship, the first thing you should do is determine who the battleship is for and what you want to do with it. You may want to give one as a gift, or it could be entertainment. Is it for your YouTube subscribers? You should make sure that the features match the price in each scenario.

    When looking at battleships, you typically want a higher scaled design if a collector with speed, range, and functionality coming in for a close second.

    Aesthetic Details and Scale
    Collectors will always look for the most accurate warships and cruisers. These are designed to have the same colors, fixtures, hulls, propellers, and gun turrets as you would find on the actual ship. Many of these battleships will also have accessories, such as model helicopters, figurines, and functional cannons.

    Construction and Seal
    You want your boat to stand up to the test of time, but many boats are still made from plastic to get that glossy finish. Other boats will be made from sturdier materials and have higher waterproof coating. You can always seal your boat manually to ensure that it remains afloat.

    Remote Control
    The remote control is probably the most important part of operation, so you want something that is easy to use and the perfect size for the operator's hands. If you plan on sharing this boat with a kid, then you want to make sure that the controls aren't too big to operate, or you could wind up losing your ship the first go around.

    Some things to consider when purchasing a battleship include:

    • Your budget

      The quality and materials of your battleship may be cheaper, but is it going to help you win at combat? Therefore it’s important to know who the boat is for and why you’re purchasing it. If it’s just for entertainment, you may not need to spend as much as a boat with a powerful motor and real cannons.
    • Appearance

      Aesthetically, the design of the ship should model the type of battleship you’re interested in. Maybe you want a war ship or perhaps an aircraft carrier is a unique design that your recipient would love. However, if you are considering combat, you should not care so much for appearance but rather the design of the ship.
    • Hull quality

      Hulls affect the buoyancy of your ship. If you want a higher buoyancy, then you are looking at a more lightweight design, but it probably won’t have a powerful motor with that type of construction. You should consider how well you want your boat to be able to navigate choppy waters and support an electric motor. The higher quality hulls will have a waterproof coating.
    • Powerful cannon

      Are you looking for a real combat RC boat? RC boats shoot BB pellets and can’t really move that much. However, high-powered cannons shoot at roughly 5 shots per second.
    • Electric motors

      You want a boat that has a powerful electric motor for propulsion through the water and pumping your cannons. These typically come in 6-volt to 12-volt styles, but this also depends on the battery. When you look at the boat, you want to see higher torque and speed numbers. These motors also have gears, including a 3-to-1 or 4-to-1 configuration.
    • Easy-to-use RC

      Is the person you’re shopping for going to use the boat? How comfortable will they be with remote operation? You want to match skill level with intent, so that you don’t blow your wad on a boat that will easily get sunk within its first use.
    • Range

      In general, you are looking for a high frequency range of 75 Mhz. This is considered best for ground and sea range. You may also get away with a ship that operates in the 27 Mhz range, but it’s not as valuable as the higher frequency.
    • Propellers

      The most high-quality propellers will be made from brass cylinder and run about ⅝” long. Again, you don’t have to get picky if you’re not trying to win races or tournaments.

    Quick Profile of Best Features We Like
    We know that not every battleship is going to be a warship, but we like the idea of having operating cannons, high quality motor, rudders, propellers, storage tanks, and a 1/444-scale hull. Here’s the profile of the perfect battleship:

    1. Strong hull with 1/32 balsa sides and 1/44 scale
    2. Hardened exterior design
    3. BB cannon (multiple if possible)
    4. CO2 storage tank, up to 7 oz
    5. CO2 regulation with 150 PSI max
    6. CO2 values (need one per cannon)
    7. High quality batteries
    8. 12-volt electric motor
    9. Bilge pumps (if really wanting the warship design)
    10. RX and servos
    11. Speed controls for forward/reverse

    High quality propellers, shafts, and rudders

    Based on this model, we found some of the best RC battleships available out there. While it’s hard to find a model that meets these specific modifications because you will likely add on to your ship, we found the ships that have most of these features or at least a very powerful base design and motors.

    Further Reading and FAQS:

    Frequently Asked Questions About RC Battleships

    Why does scale matter so much to collectors with RC boats?

    The scale of a boat means how many details can you expect within the size of the boat. A highly detailed boat will typically have 1:360 scale. However, that’s not the most important thing to collectors in every scenario. Some models are less detailed but have a higher-quality construction because they don’t use plastic parts and have high-grade seals.

    Why do some RC boats only turn on in water?

    Most RC boats have ad hoc safety devices that only move when placed in water. This is a safety feature that makes it impossible for a boat to run out of battery or something worse if turned on accidentally. You should look for safety features like this when checking out different battleships.

    What’s the difference between remote control and radio control boats?
    This can be confusing if you are just starting out with a remote control boat. You may see remote control and think that it means RC, but RC stands for radio-controlled. The boats work with an on-board receiver, which is why range is so important. You want to be able to keep your boat afloat but also make it fly through the water for long distances.

    Here’s some more information on how it works:

    What bodies of water are best for RC boats?
    You will typically find that most RC battleships work best in calm waters that have very little chop. For this reason, the best place is probably a pool, pond, or lake. Rivers can also be fun, but it’s easy to lose track of a boat in the current. Since RC battleships just have decent handling, you may not be able to turn your boat around to avoid a quick-moving rift.

    Do battleships really shoot guns at each other?
    In some cases, the gun turrets are not fully functioning, but if they are, they typically have modified gun turrets that can shoot BB pellets.

    Are warships with BB cannons illegal?
    Some battleships are considered warships simply because of the model, while others shoot BBs. These are not illegal, but you can get in trouble for loud-motored boats that cause noise pollution.

    See more here:

    Can a RC battleship be sun?
    Yes. It’s important that you pick a boat with proper sealant and good quality construction. However, if you buy a plastic boat, you can always pick up more sealant to make it sturdier. You may lose your ship if you go out of range as well. That’s why you must pay attention to your remote control and monitor your speed.

    If you are expecting to do combat in water, then you should know you might lose your ship as part of the tournament, but therefore most tournaments aren’t fought in ponds, lakes, and rivers. Ships can be pulled out and repaired.