Best Drone Cases

A drone case is an essential addition to anybody who owns a drone. Unique from the ordinary backpacks and cases, the best drone cases have customized partitions that let you store and transport your drone with style and security. Such cases offer optimal protection for your drone regardless of the distance you travel. 

If you are planning to purchase a case for your drone, below are the top five suggestions for the most popular drones on the market right now.

DJI Drone Cases

In this section we will be covering some of the most popular DJI drone cases for sale. As always there is a drone you would like us to add let us know in the comments.

DJI Phantom Drone Carrying Case

DJI Drone Case

DJI Phantom protective carrying case is customized to carry the DJI Phantom 4, one of the most popular drones sold out there. The case measures 23.5 inches long, 16.5 inches wide, and it stands at 11.5 inches. The large case lets you store and carry every accessory that you would need to operate your DJI Phantom 4.

DJI Phantom carrying case’s hard sides protect your drone and its accessories from the damage that might result from accidental compaction. Moreover, the drone carrying case is thoughtfully designed to keep your drone safe from harsh external elements like water, dust, moisture, and any other elements that might spoil your drone and its accessories.

DJI Phantom 4 carrying case’s exterior part features an ergonomic non-slip handle that provides the comfort you need when carrying the case for an extended period, and two security latches that let lock your drone safely.

The interior part of DJI Phantom 4 carrying case has a precision precut form insert that lets you store the drone and its accessories separately. The case accommodates five DJI Phantom 4 batteries, controller, the quadcopter, propellers, and the charging adapter and cables. The partitions offer an additional layer of security by preventing collision between the parts.

DJI Phantom 4's 90-day return policy lets you return the case for an exchange or free repair just in case it does not work as advertised. Its matte finish and silver colored edges give the case a stylish look.

Hobby- Ace DJI Phantom 4 / 3 Professional Aluminum Hard Case

Hobby- Ace’s professional hard aluminum case is custom designed for DJI Phantom 4, and DJI Phantom 3 pro. The case measures 21.5 inches long, 14 inches wide, and it stands 9.2 inches tall. Its 7.4 lbs. lightweight saves you from the bulky cases that can make transportation cumbersome.

Hobby- Ace hard case is designed with aluminum, a light but durable material. The aluminum frame has reinforced corners for durability. This hard frame protects your drone and its accessories from damage that might result from accidental compaction. The hard casing also protects the drone from external elements like rainfall and moisture that can spoil the electrical components of your drone.

The case's exterior features an ergonomic handle that lets you carry it comfortably and two security latches that let you lock your drone and its accessories safe during transportation. Hobby- Ace hard case's matte finish gives it an elegant appearance.

In the exterior, Hobby- Ace hard case for Phantom 4 and Phantom 3 Pro has several storage compartments, each molded with high-density foam to hold the drone, controller, batteries, and the drone’s charging cables. Besides facilitating organized storage, the compartments also provide extra protection to your drone.

The drone carrying case's 30-day money back guarantee lets you return it to the seller for refund while its 12- month warranty covers you against manufacturer defects. In addition to the cash back and 12- month warranty, the manufacturer offers a 24-hour customer support.

Pelican DJI Mavic Compact Drone Case (Waterproof version)

Pelican's DJI Mavic Drone waterproof case is designed to fit Mavic pro or DJI Mavic drones. The waterproof case measures 6.5x 14.2x 11.4 inches, and it weighs 6 pounds. The water tight case will come in handy in case your drone is not an underwater drone. The slim design and lightness let you carry your Mavic drone and its components comfortably.

Pelican DJI Mavic case is constructed from a rugged hard shell that protects your drone from damage while in transit. This waterproof case also protects your drone from water and moisture, which can destroy your Mavic Pro’s electrical components.

This case has an ergonomically designed handle that gives you the comfort you need when carrying your drone. For security purposes, the case has padlockable holes at both corners to let you secure your valued investment.

Pelican DJI Mavic drone case’s interior is made up of custom molded compartments that let you store your quadcopter, its remote control, batteries, and other accessories. Moreover, the case has a partition where you can store a tablet. The partitions are molded from military grade polyethylene foam to safeguard the drone and its accessories from sudden impacts and vibrations.

Different from most drone cases, Pelican DJI Mavic's case has a lifetime warranty that protects you from any manufacturer defects that might result any time while using the case. However, you should note that the warranty might not cover you against intentional damage or normal wear and tear.

This YouTube video can help you understand how the case works:

DOUBI DJI Spark Case

DOUBI’s DJI spark case is intelligently designed to let you store and transport your DJI Spark drone and its accessories. The compact case measures 13 inches long, 4.7 inches wide, and it stands 9.2 inches high. It weighs 1.5 pounds.

DOUBI DJI spark case is constructed from nylon and EVA, sturdy materials that protect your drone and its accessories from external elements like water, dust, and moisture. These elements can damage your drone.

For a hassle-free transportation, this case features an adjustable shoulder strap that lets you hang the case on your shoulder during transit. Besides the shoulder strap, this case also has a padded handle that you can use as an alternative way to carry your drone.

DOUBI DJI spark case’s interior has a soft microfiber lining that safeguards your DJI Spark drone from scratches and damage that might result from direct impact. The case’s interior is also partitioned into several sections that accommodate the quadcopter, remote controller, four batteries, propeller guards, cables, and the charging hub. Each accessory has its custom-made compartment where it fits snugly.

In addition to the compartments, the DJI Spark case has a spacious zippered mesh pocket where you can store your mobile phone, tablet, and other accessories. Some of the mobile devices that can fit into DJI Spark's case are Samsung Galaxy tablets, iPad mini 4/3/2, and iPad Pro.

DJI Spark case comes with a one-year warranty, and a 100 percent money back guarantee. Therefore, you can return the drone carrying case for a full refund just in case it does not meet your expectations.

Here is a YouTube video to walk you through the features of the DJI spark case:

Best Drone Case : Final Thoughts

The best drone cases are essential for any hobbyist who wishes to store and transport his/ her drone safely. The cases are designed from a sturdy and cushioned material to protect your valued drone from damage resulting from compaction, direct impact, and weather elements. Furthermore, the cases have compartments that let you store the drone and its accessories separately.