Best Drone Cases

DJI Phantom protective carrying case is customized to carry the DJI Phantom 4, one of the most popular drones sold out there. The case measures 23.5 inches long, 16.5 inches wide, and it stands at 11.5 inches. The large case lets you store and carry every accessory that you would need to operate your DJI Phantom 4.

DJI Phantom carrying case’s hard sides protect your drone and its accessories from the damage that might result from accidental compaction. Moreover, the drone carrying case is thoughtfully designed to keep your drone safe from harsh external elements like water, dust, moisture, and any other elements that might spoil your drone and its accessories.

DJI Phantom 4 carrying case’s exterior part features an ergonomic non-slip handle that provides the comfort you need when carrying the case for an extended period, and two security latches that let lock your drone safely.

The interior part of DJI Phantom 4 carrying case has a precision precut form insert that lets you store the drone and its accessories separately. The case accommodates five DJI Phantom 4 batteries, controller, the quadcopter, propellers, and the charging adapter and cables. The partitions offer an additional layer of security by preventing collision between the parts.

DJI Phantom 4’s 90-day return policy lets you return the case for an exchange or free repair just in case it does not work as advertised. Its matte finish and silver colored edges give the case a stylish look.

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