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Flying Drones in Cold Weather

Drone in snow

It’s a beautiful winter day.  Freezing cold, the world sparkling with ice and snow, it’s really tempting to want to take your drone up and capture this beauty in some beautiful aerial shots.  But should you? Maybe. But there are things to consider first.  Precipitation, the state of your equipment, the wind, and the laws of physics. As […]

51 Interesting and Fun Facts About Drones

Drones come in all shapes and sizes. The military uses them for attack purposes, surveillance, and defensive strategy. Non-military uses are extensive. Commercial drone applications continue to expand in almost every industry sector. Many hobbyists enjoy flying smaller drones. The technology continues to improve as the price of drones goes down.Here are some examples of […]

Beebeerun Drone Review

Beebee Drone

Looking for a drone that’s fun, yet affordable? Well, the Beebeerun might take your fancy! The drone is built by a camera company called Arkmiido. The Beebeerun Drone has taken off in popularity in the recent years due to its user-friendliness and durability. Moreover, the HD camera quality and long run times have people grabbing […]

Top Drone Companies

We are fast approaching a world dominated by drone-powered industries. These aerial vehicles are being used to solve complex problems and provide everyday entertainment for everyday people. Read along to discover some of the most noteworthy drone companies.​DJI (Dajiang Innovations)​ DJI Innovations is an industry leader in consumer, professional, and industrial drones. They are headquartered in […]

Best Self Righting RC Boat

Self Righting RC Boat

Remote controlled cars are common to most of us but folks who live near lakes and other water bodies are more familiar with RC boats. These boats come in a wide range and are designed differently with varied capabilities like self-righting and battery warning alerts among others.In this post, we review three of the best […]

Best RC Sailboat

Best RC Sailboat

There’s something inherently inviting about sailing. Floating on top of the water with the wind at your back, seeing ocean all around you, and having only your trusty sailboat with you to get you where you want to go is a situation people pay good money to be in. Of course, those ocean-worthy sailboats don’t […]