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Best RC Boat Under 300

After trying RC boats within the starter price range you are probably ready to upgrade yourself to an improved boat. If you aren’t sure which one is the best RC boat under $300, don’t worry, there are some fun RC boats within this price range. You can get a high quality, super fast and durable […]

Potensic U36D Drone Review

Potensic U36D Review Photo

Do you want a drone that will help you take your photography and filming to the next level or are you interested in just flying one around your home for fun? Whatever your reasons, investing in a good drone will not only help you save some money but also ensure you enjoy every minute you […]

Best RC Truck Under 150

RC Truck Under 150

Do RC Cars bore you? Are you looking for a more enticing and meaner option? Well, these monster RC Trucks are sure to grab your attention. Modeled after real life trucks, these machines are built for the off-road tracks. They have a more aggressive suspension system that ensures the car will easily jump over rocks […]

Traxxas Blast Review

Traxxas Blast

Made by Traxxas, which is a widely known manufacturer of remote controlled cars, Traxxas Blast RC Boat is fun and easy to operate. It boasts of an amazing battery life and a wide array of features bound to give you a great driving experience.The RC boat can be customized to meet specific preferences. You can […]

Best RC Truck Under 100 Dollars

RC Truck Under 100

Are you planning to gift a good RC truck to a loved one but you don’t know which one to pick…wait! Are you tight on budget but don’t want to compromise on quality? Don’t worry; you are in the right place. Keep reading because here you’ll find thorough reviews of best RC trucks under $100. […]