Altair Aerial Outlaw SE Review

If you are a hobby drone pilot looking for a quad copter that will give you both quality and ease in flying, Altair Aerial Outlaw SE is your perfect bet. This high-powered drone comes fitted with an amazing built-in 1080p High Definition camera. Moreover, it will give you a long flying time so that you can enjoy your piloting or photography pastime.

With a battery life of about 20 minutes, a GPS mode, and Wi-Fi connectivity, you are sure to have a great time flying this drone. Moreover, you will enjoy taking photos or recording video clips and storing them directly on your Smartphone. If you want to store your photos and videos on an SD card, the drone gives you the option of adding a 32GB micro SD card.

This drone allows you to set your flight mode to either follow-me, headless, or normal mode. What's more, the GPS settings ensure that you will find it easy to land your drone. The settings also mean that you have slim chances of flying the drone and losing it.

Is this the right drone for me?

This is the best drone for you if you are a beginner, hobbyist pilot, or a pro pilot who wants to take outstanding aerial photos and video clips. It will suit any user above 14 years of age.

Altair Aerial Outlaw SE is fairly priced for a drone in this range. Unlike most drones that you have to assemble after you receive it, this one comes pre-assembled, thus making it easier for you to use. Moreover, it has a starter guide that will help you to calibrate it fast to begin enjoying your piloting experience. The buttons on the handheld remote transmitter are also marked to help you operate this drone with ease. One the coolest Altair drones out there.

What is in Your Altair Aerial Outlaw SE Package?

Altair Outlaw SE GPS Drone with Camera | 1080p HD 5G WiFi Photo & Video FPV Drone | Free Priority Shipping | Adults & Teens, GPS, Auto Return Home & Follow Me, Easy to Fly! (Lincoln, NE Company)

Here is what you should expect when you unbox your Altair Aerial Outlaw SE.

  • A fully assembled quad copter with a built-in camera
  • A handheld remote control transmitter
  • A 7.4V 1800 mAh LiPo battery and a charger
  • 4 spare propellers
  • Changing tools
  • A Smartphone attachment kit
  • A starter guide
  • A user manual

  • You will need about 5 hours for the battery to charge fully, after which it will run for 20 minutes. If you want to fly for longer, you may consider buying more batteries from Altair that you can use alternately on your drone.

    Once your battery is charged, you will have to fold and tuck in the cable so that you can access the battery chamber. This is good for the safety of your drone since the cable will not hang freely, which might result in it being caught on protrusions, open hooks, or tree branches.

    The propellers are labeled to make it easy for to know how to fix them when replacing them. They also have a light underneath them that flickers in the dark to help you locate your drone and to know the direction it is facing.

    Features of the Altair Aerial Outlaw SE

    Altair Outlaw SE GPS Drone with Camera | 1080p HD 5G WiFi Photo & Video FPV Drone | Free Priority Shipping | Adults & Teens, GPS, Auto Return Home & Follow Me, Easy to Fly! (Lincoln, NE Company)

    This is the most advanced drone by Altair. In fact, this is evident in how the manufacturer has gone to great lengths to improve it and pack it with helpful features. Here are some of the features that will make flying this quod copter fun and functional for you.

    GPS Mode

    This has added to the functionality of yourAltair Aerial Outlaw SEbecause it makes it easy for the drone to position itself on its flight path and to hover on a spot when you want it to. It helps the drone to remain stable even if it encounters strong winds. This is helpful because it will allow you to take more still pictures. Your pictures and videos will also be clearer.

    If you do not want to rely on the precise positioning and hovering that GPS gives your drone, you can switch off the GPS mode. The drone will retain the same altitude but you will be able to control its position and determine how long it can hover over a particular area.

    Flight Time

    When the battery is full, your drone will fly for 20 minutes. You can add more flying time by having a spare battery.

    Photos and Video Quality

    Your Altair Aerial Outlaw SE has HD precision camera with a deep penetrating focus. You will not need to fix the camera on the drone because it is built-in to make it stable and safe. This is amazing because it enables you to take high-quality still photos and video clips. Moreover, when you connect it to your phone, you get to select the sites that you want to capture on your photos or film.

    Wi-Fi Enabled

    This is good because you can monitor what your camera is focusing on remotely and watch videos in real-time within a 500 meters range. Beyond this range, however, your drone will lose connectivity, which means that you can only rely on its GPS settings to control it.

    Compact Size

    At 10x10x3 inches and with propellers that are 7 inches long, this drone can move in between obstacles easily. It is also light, at about 2.8 pounds. As such, you can move around with it effortlessly.

    Customer Service

    You will enjoy exceptional customer support whenever you contact Altair concerning your drone. Their website is user friendly, and you will get great instructional videos on how to fly your drone. Even if you contact them through email, you will still get a fast response from the customer care desk.

    How to get the most out of your Altair Aerial Outlaw SE

    Altair Outlaw SE GPS Drone with Camera | 1080p HD 5G WiFi Photo & Video FPV Drone | Free Priority Shipping | Adults & Teens, GPS, Auto Return Home & Follow Me, Easy to Fly! (Lincoln, NE Company)

    We found a video with useful information on how you can get the most out of this drone. Watch the video here.

    Even if you are not a pro photographer, you can use your drone to take great photos. Here are some tips to help you with your drone photography.

    • Master flying your drone before you begin taking photos
    • Take many shots and select the best
    • Avoid taking aerial photos if the weather is bad
    • Wear an outfit that stands out from the surrounding so that you can be spotted easily in the photos.

    Altair Aerial Outlaw SE FAQ

    Does it come with a carrying case?

    No, it does not have a carrying case, but it can fit into any drone carrier bag.

    Must I always use the remote control to control my drone?

    No, you do not have to. Using the remote control is convenient if you have not connected it to your phone. After connecting it to your phone, you can control it effortlessly from your phone.

    What mobile devices is this drone compatible with?

    It works well with iPads, iPhones, and Android phones


    Altair Aerial Outlaw SE will give you a great piloting experience whether you are a beginner or a pro drone pilot. It is suitable for users above the age of 14, and you will love flying it for fun or to capture aerial photos and videos.

    It is Wi-Fi and GPS enabled, thus giving you a choice of flight modes like follow-me, headless, or normal flight. As such, you can land the drone manually or rely on GPS setting to land it if the battery is too low or when the drone flies too far away and you have lost connectivity.

    The features of your Altair Aerial Outlaw SE have received numerous upgrades to give your drone advanced functionalities and more efficiency. Moreover, contacting Altair ensures that you get good customer services and fast response time.